What are your thoughts on the GB and Bears Game last night

I realize there is a huge thread on the game but most of it was play by play. Didn’t want to have to sift thru miles of BS to see what people thought about the high powered division rivals. Some sarcasm there. If I was a fan of either team I wouldn’t be taking anything to the bank just yet. The offenses were terrible. A couple more games to see if it was great defenses or poor offenses. I think the Bears were dam lucky last year and surprised people with their offense and I think #12 isn’t the QB he was. He reminds me of a race car driver that was bolder then heck then had that one near fatal wreck and all the sudden can’t get out of his own way. Neither team a top notch tight end.

I expected the game to be a little higher scoring, but it played out pretty close for me. I did pick the Bears to win in pick’em. I thought the Bears D would score some points.

I still maintain, the shine is officially off of Matt Nagy. Nagy had the advantage of last year where his team was an unknown. People didnt know how he would play offense, and he caught teams by surprise and of course that defense. Ohhh that defense.

However, by December, the Bears offense was stalling repeatedly. Theres a reason they had so many clanked FG’s. It wasnt just the kicker, it was they couldnt put the ball in the red zone or end zone. Teams have figured out what Nagy is trying to do, and have also figured out how to slow Trubisky down. Trubisky will hurt you rushing the ball, but he isnt hurting anyone passing. More than that, the more he runs, the more hits he takes, and bonus for you.

Green Bay, I thought their secondary looked much improved and their pass rush was strong. Offensively, I didnt see much. Rodgers had his broken scramble plays he hit on at times, but they had plenty of down moments. Again, Chicago defense, but I also think GB’s offense is far from what it used to be.

Ive said and maintained, Chicago will come down this year and I truly think all 4 teams finish within 2 wins of each other. We may get 3 NFC North teams tied going into week 17 for a playoff spot, and some wild tie breaker scenarios. I see the division winner at 10-6, and the cellar may be 7-9 or 8-8. Its that close right now, and I think its a full battle of attrition. One big injury will swing everything


Chicago defense looked viscious and fast.

GB defense looked decent.

GB offense looked horrible, but I expect it to get much better. Again, Chicago’s defense is so fast … but their playcalling was a little strange. Again though, game one.

Trubisky is less accurate than Mike McMahon, and less mobile. AND less handsome.

PS Bring Back Mike McMahon


LOL - not a fair comparison - McMahon has the unfair advantage of baldness! OF COURSE he would be better looking!

Bears D is tough! Especially up front. Was surprised that their defensive backfield missed on some of the plays that they did!

Packer D was better than I expected them to be, with their DBs actually looking pretty stout.

We should be able to run on GB. Likely will have issues running vs Bears. I still think the Bears are a tougher matchup for us. For that reason, was rooting for Pack last night.

Both of their offenses looked really bad, IMO. I feel like we are nicely built to beat GB, as Rodgers is a different dude, when he’s under pressure. I’m much more afraid of Triburpskzie beating us with his feet, than Rodgers.

I wish we could play both of them earlier in the year. I totally expect defensive wars with both of those teams. I feel MUCH better about our chances to win the division after watching that game.

Let’s see what the Vikes are brining to the table. As someone already mentioned, this could be a very close division race, where the entire division beats each other up.

We could walk away with the division, but it would take some luck at OL, as well as someone stepping up more than expected (like Hock, Ty Johnson, Golliday, The D getting a sick amount of turnovers at key moments…stuff like that).

Predicting a close division race. 10 wins could win it!

Wait … Mike McMahon is bald now??

You’re gonna need to provide pics for proof.

last night when he came out…bald as an eagle!

I think he is confusing him with Jim McMahon, he was bald on tv last night in the pregame stuff



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How DARE you compare the two?!

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Hilarious, right?

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Adrian, it was totally on accident. Funnier than if I had actually done it on purpose. LOL.

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Shhhhhh … nobody else has to know!

I think GB has serious OL issues… still. Chicago has QB and HC issues. I think GB defense is much improved, although not as good as last night looked and Chicago’s is still elite.
I think GB offense will get better, but not a ton cuz that line is going to get Erin killed. Chicago’s will be a little better but not much or consistently cuz biscuit isn’t that good and again the HC.
Nagy loves everyone to think he’s the smartest guy in the room. He’s arrogant and selfish. He’s set, at all costs, too prove his system and his
QB are the best ever. Example?? How about you only run 12x and throw 45x in a game that was a single score game all 60 minutes.
Even GB knew it as stated by players after the game, the more biscuit threw the better chance they had to win

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Mike still has a beautiful head of hair

…and Jimbo

Yeah his friends appeared to have great…uh,um hair too lol

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And cousin Ed!

So obviously, you can understand my confusion?

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McMahon is still my favorite Millen-era Lions QB. His scrambling and reckless abandon when passing at least made him fun to watch, unlike Harrington and his mastery of the 2 yard pass.