What Austin Bryant did to Riley Reiff on this play

Is Bryant finally starting to come on as an Edge? Or is Reiff really that much of a stiff?

Maybe a little of both?


Loved this post too (further down in the same thread)


Great individual play by Bryant. Good to see him actually healthy and on the field.

Stafford was doing that since his rookie season. Veterans were in awe of him doing that in practice.

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I seriously loved watching that play. I watched it about 10 times in a row.

I’m sure Bryant got hurt on the play :rofl:


LOL. Highly likely

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This is part of the reason why I’m not entirely sold that Kayvon will/should be the pick. Flowers should be down the road after this season. Poor fit for the scheme and always way overpaid no matter what scheme for us. But Romeo is locked up and (ahem) prior to injury, was playing well. Then you have JOk, who in my mind is still the most explosive pass rusher we have (but don’t seem to play enough). Then Bryant is more versatile like Romeo that can be stout against the run and has some juice in the rush game. I mean I guess having 4 rush LB’s that can all get after it wouldn’t be the worst problem. Kayvon may be the G word… (Generational) and you take him no matter what. I’m still watching him and don’t really know where I’m at with him other than he’s obviously a dominant player at this level. But eventually the conversation is going to get to this. Is the gap wider between Hamilton and Harris? Or Kayvon and JOk?? To me Harris isn’t a starting level S period. When JOk is healthy he’s wrecking some shiznit. So no comparison in my book. But positional value between EDGE rusher and SS? No comparison there either so… TBD.


I say, the DL should be prioritized. (I know…shocker, right?). LOL
I think we go DE and do the best we can with safety later on.

I am from the school of thought that pressure reduces work load for the back 7, rather than the “coverage sack” school of thought.

Attack those MF’rz

Also- I don’t have faith in our pass rush, right now. I still want a monster DT more than anything. LOL. I’ll probably be bitching about this for the next 2 decades.

We’re starting to get pressure with our dline and rush backers this year though. I think the big priority is the linebackers and secondary. I don’t think that kid from Oregon is a generational talent. People use that term far too often. He’s good but he’s not in the category Of say a suh or Reggie white. I think he’s more clowney.

I’d agree more with going defensive line if we were playing mostly 4-3. In a 3-4 we’re in desperate need of impact linebackers. Almost as much as receivers.

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Agree. Could be more because of size…could be because of health. I think he’d be a fantastic upgrade, but not a generational talent.


I agree w/all of this too, in terms of devoid of talent. I see replacing Flowers contract with Thibedeaux’s rookie contract as a plus too. I can see us doing some of the other stuff through FA, as a result of that. As well as having a gazillion picks.

I DO agree with most of what you’re saying here. I just feel like the bigger impact player is the DE, and it’s not just impact—it’s HOW he impacts. What fits what the coaches are trying to do here best? IMO, we are going trenches out. If Flowers is no longer on the roster, and we obviously move on from Brockers after next 2022 season, what does the future of the DL look like? I think the DE is the best way to go, though I feel like I completely understand your side of the discussion.

I get it bro and I really agree with the pressure affect. Romeo, JOK, Levi and McNeill aren’t setting the world on fire yet. If you’re stuck at 1 there are worse things than having an elite EDGE player for you to take. Those Ferrari’s go in the shop. See Romeo Okwara.

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Alim, Levi and JOkwara are thr kind of guys that do damage when they aren’t The Man. They need 2 other guys up front that are Big Time threats…and then they get 1 on 1 often and win often.

ROkwara and Barnes are the next level up…guys that can be The Man based on talent, but aren’t guys you fear. You have to account for them every play, but you don’t game plan to diminish them.

The team need a generational DE, a QB of the D MLB and a leader of the DB SS to make all these guys who are talented like mentioned plus Walker and we hope still Okudah able to show out.

The Steelers found their Polamalu, Harrison and Heyward, then the guys around them feasted…that kind of thing.


Nailed it, bro. Hoping for WAY more out of Levi and Alim. Agree that they need a monster rusher to help 'em.

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Hope that they can do that. Levi and Alim really have a lot of potential. Just utilize it!

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Am expecting Williams, Hand, & Flowers to be gone at the end of the season. Strong, is at best, a rotational player. RDE is a Premier position on Defense. Those guys don’t grow on trees. Luckily, in 2022 Draft, there are 3 DE’s likely to go in the Top 15, Thibs, Hutch, & Karlitis. Den members seem to hate Hutch, (Possible Blue haters from Landfill), saying he is a One-Trick Pony, with few moves. I disagree. He has become dominant, at times, and has continually moved up the charts draft-wise. He’s bigger than Thibs and can hold the point-of-attack consistently against the run.

I am assuming the Lions will Not be in a position to draft Thibs, but will more likely, be in a position to draft Hutch at 5-8. The question is will they pull the trigger. Replacing Flowers is critical and the odds recovering from a torn Achilles to become a dominant DE for Okwara is less than 50-50, based on history. Hopefully, at this early stage of the 2022 Draft Process, the Lions Draft a stellar DE, WR, & stud LB with their first 3 picks. QB Corral continues to improve, but I think his height is an issue a little bit, along with his throwing motion. The Goff ship has sailed, unfortunately. Build the Defense !!

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What do you mean? They have the 4th hardest remaining strength of schedule. They began the season an underdog in every game and remain there. I think we all need to brace ourselves for 0-17.

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We need picks more than anything else. Tons of cheap picks on rookie contracts. The cupboard has been emptied, and then burned, and then the ashes vacuumed and ejected into space. Trade down with the top pick must be the first choice unless a QB emerges.

Have to disagree at this point. No way (IMHO of course) you can write the script on Levi (23, rookie and didn’t play last year), McNeill (21, rookie) or JOk (23, 2nd year) already based on how few snaps they’ve gotten. We also can’t assume playing time is based on them not being ready. Just ask Swift as he watched 900 year old Adrian Peterson steal half the snaps than any sane coach would have given to him. Or Barnes while playing behind the likes of Tavai and an uninterested Collins. Very, very few rookies, especially on defense wreck the league and look like generational NFL players this early on. I’m not saying “we’re good.” Just saying it’s a little too early to label what these guys are or are not.