What Brad showed me tonight

He’s decisive.

We wanted an elite WR. There was a run and Brad went took action without mortgaging our future drafts.

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That and he killed the narrative that he’s doesn’t value WRs high in the draft.


Jameson was my favorite WR hands down. Glad we got him makes this offense so much better.


Following the “process”…

The kid can fly!!

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I think we’re seeing the wisdom of having experienced people like Dorsey in the room with inexperienced but talented personnel people like Holmes and Agnew. They’re doing a great job of being patient when they need to be patient and aggressive when they need to be aggressive.

All I know is between Campbell, Williams and Hutchinson the lions are going to make the best season of hard knocks by far.


That WR run happened fast. Roseman reacted quickly and Holmes one upped him and stole his guy


Not sure this is the best place for this, but thought you guys might enjoy it.
Ben Johnson talking about JW and his thoughts on the offense this coming season.


I am so excited for this offense. This OLine is going to be dominant and now with Jameson, teams are going to be hesitant stacking he box.

You put Jameson and Chark on the outside who can fly. You decide to bring one safety in the box and now your risking a one on one with that speed. You play 7 in the box and this Oline can open up some big holes in the running game. Throw in Hockenson St Brown and Swift who are very dangerous in the short to intermediate game and we are really cooking.

Maybe I’m riding high off excitement, but this team is good enough to win this division IF Goff can play a full season like he finished last season.


We came out of the First round with two players that make this a much better team.
You can’t bitch about that.
Goff, it’s time to go to work, bud. It ain’t gonna be like last year.
A top 5 Oline. A top 5 TE. 6 deep at WR. 6 deep at RB.
The table is set.
No excuses. Just go to work.


Ben sounds excited.

And we still have 2nd and third round picks!!!


Indeed he does… he knows that defenses are gonna have to gameplan for Williams, and just how much that’s going to open up the playbook for our offense.


Could really help the run game.


Gonna make tough to bring a safety down in the box for run support…:grin:

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And when you do, play action time to Williams and Chark deep!!

I agree but i remember few years ago when we drafted Rodgers WR an Williams an had good team posters were talking how rough it will be to cover us.

I hope they hold him back early an make sure he is more than 100% an keep close eye on him . I think since we have so many players they will be on top of the pit falls of being a pro,


Yep. Some of the optimism reminds me of the days we had Roy, CRog, BMW, and Kevin Jones.

And we were shit.

Hopefully we’ll be in a better spot obviously, but the concern now is at QB.


Lots of value at the QB position still, will feel a lot better taking in at 46 than prior. I cannot recall a draft with so much intrigue and chaos.

Could you imagine if Stafford was still here with this team? I’m actually a Goff fan, but man the OL and skill positions haven’t looked this good in a long time. Im happy for Matt, but damn it would be really something if he was still our QB.