What coach is Slay talking about?

Anyone remember the Nick Saban in Miami story where a player fell out in the facility from dehydraftion (?) but he was in front of where Saban needed to go so Nick just stepped over him and kept going?

At least Stafford was drunk. :rofl:

Context is everything. For Slay and Brooks to sling shade based on that 6 second clip is off. Guessing those guys immediately in the area aren’t medical personnel. Medical may have rushed in there seconds after the clip ended. As for the coaches, they probably allow a kid the chance to demonstrate toughness and “shake it off”, if it indeed turns out to be a tweak and nothing major. Unfortunate what happened to D.O. but it doesn’t prove football is full of guys with no heart.

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Looks like Harbaugh is there to check on him


This is why a picture often says way more than words. There is like 10 guys here clearly checking on him and concerned for him. Bucky’s report looks pretty foolish to me.


I believe it’s very likely these guys are told to act in this manner until the medical staff arrives. Hard to imagine that every last person there is a dirtbag!

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Spirit of the age boys. Look for an angle that allows you to criticize another’s moral failure which also, incidentally, lends itself to feeling morally superior yourself.

See? Just did it right there.
Feelin’ pretty good about myself actually;)


Nailed it!


For real. I have a friend who fucks up every job opportunity he ever gets by being a short-sighted lazy moron. But all you see on his Facebook feed is worker rights memes and ranting about how every employer is so unfair


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