What do the current draft odds tell us?

I would trust Vegas odds more than most insiders. So, what are the current odds telling us 4 days out.

Bryce Young is a lock at -2000 odds. There will be no surprises at #1 this year.

Will Levis is going in the top 4 picks. He is the odds are favorite to be the pick at 2 or 4. Not sure how this couldn’t be viewed as excellent news for us.

Tyree Wilson and Will Anderson are likely to be drafted before Carter and won’t be there at 6.

The odds are currently favoring 4 or less QBs get drafted in round 1. Maybe Hendon Hooker is getting falsely hyped by the media and he is likely to go on day 2?

JSN is clearly WR 1 in this class and Johnston may not be in the top 3.


They go off of very similar info that the general public does. Bryce Young odds didn’t jump until he declined any additional interviews for him. Also, that is why you will start to see them pull the odds leading up to the draft.

Reminder, last year they had K. Thibodeaux as the odds favorite one week before the draft last year.


Smoke season

Baker Mayfield was 20-1 to be #1 pick this time many moons ago

Now’s the time to buy


Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney Tunes :handshake:t4:

Bugs looks like Rick Gosselin the former Dallas news reporter who knew where everyone was going before the draft. Not a great scout but he had inside information.

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Last year Charlie Campbell nailed the first ten picks

https://walterfootball.com/draft2022charlie.amp >

This year he has us taking Spoon at six

Charlie Campbell 2023 NFL Mock Draft on WalterFootball.com >


That would actually make sense Houston going Will Anderson then Levis

Obviously us and the Illinois CB DB connection makes a lot of sense

Man I’d hope Hou or Ten would be willing to come up 6 in that scenario.

CJ Stroud to Indy would be a killer for me. I can totally see it happening too.

Edit- in that scenario I’m still saying Holmes goes Nolan Smith


Wow. Campbell’s first 10 were all correct.z

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Almost, he had the 2 Giants picks backwards. TibbiNuts went 5.

Best Mock Drafters

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Actually when you go back and look at the past couple of years, Vegas didn’t do so hot.


Charlie is extremely linked up…extremely…his top 10 sounds a lot like the rumors…there is a battle in Houston over which DL and if QB should be taken…literally owner, gm and HC want someone different.

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for the life of me I don’t get why Ryans went to Houston, I get it, it’s an NFL HC position…but he was sought after and more openings would have become available…the regime there is a dumpster fire…Millen may have been a better manager of men…

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Doesn’t have Charlie Campbell on the list?

And that alone should be its own indictment. I can only say that Ryan is already used to having McNair write his checks. The NFL needs its doormats to perform as expected. You can’t have Alabama if you don’t have a Vanderbilt.

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Unless he has a terrible prediction this year, Eddie Brown could fault into the #1 position. His terrible 33 for 2018 drops off this year and he’s had 4 straight years of 45 after that.

Just by working the vegas odds backwards a bit…

QB- 4 (Young, Levis, AR15, Stroud)
RB- 1 (Bijan)
TE- 1 (M Mayer)
WR- 4 (JSN, J Addison, Q Johnston, Z Flowers)
OL- 6 (P Johnson, D Wright, P Skoronski, B Jones, D Jones, A Harrison)
DB- 6 (Witherspoon, Gonzalez, Porter Jr, Banks, B Branch, Ringo)
LB- 1 (D Sanders)
DT- 3 (J Carter, C Kancey, B Bresee)
Edge- 5 (W Anderson, T Wilson, LVN, M Murphy, N Smith)

  • There is my likely first round with potential disruptors being…

  • J Gibbs

  • Dalton Kincaid

  • Adebawore

  • W McDonald

10 for 10, shit that’s impressive. And he’s got Tyree Wilson going 3rd overall this year, interesting. And Carter @ 5.

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Smart of Ben Johnson to wait for a better opportunity, right? :wink:

I try not to get too upset with guys on their first HC stint as 99/100 of them will take whatever job presents itself regardless of the odds. The money is big. The prestige is big. Their agent is in their ear telling them this may be their only shot. And coaches tend to have big egos to think they have the special sauce to make any situation work.

As for Houston he spent 6 years there as a player and I am sure that played a factor. Jack Easterby is also gone, and he was the biggest part of the problem in Houston. But I agree he is in a tough spot.


Witherspoon at 6 and Bijan at 18… hard to argue with those selections. Boss players with incredible tape, and highly respected football character. They feel like Lions type players

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