What do we do at WR right now?

This is totally your opinion. I know we’re not trading 2 1sts for DeAndre Hopkins and that’s not what I mean. Tyrell Williams has a serious concussion and Cephus is out for the year, so what should we do to replace those guys?

Pull someone up from the practice squad?

Me, I have two suggestions.

First is “Lightning In A Bottle” De’Anthony Thomas

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Second is Binjimen Victor off the Ravens practice squad. 6’4" with the catch radius of an ICBM. You may remember the play he made against Penn State in 2018 when he went up and caught a ball behind him, and glided past the Penn State defense for a touchdown to keep OSU in the game.

Any under the radar guys you all are thinking of that you’d like to see us pick up?




I’d be all for bringing in D’Anthony. My understanding though is that injuries have taken away some of his juice.

Isaiah Hodgins off of Buffalo’s practice squad would be my preference. Much like Victor he’s been unprotected.

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Bring Sage back, seriously.

Call the Broncos and ask what their refund policy is


Cade Johnson is unprotected and on the Seahawks practice squad.

So are you saying he’s going to get some chick pregnant and that will be our next WR?


Why not? Judging by the name Trinity Benson it sure sounds like he practices abstinence and that’s not working out for us.

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They call him Trinity because he sucks in all three facets of the game. Can’t catch, can’t block and can’t get open

Come to think of it, we should name most the receivers Trinity


Yeah wr was issue even before injuries.

We gave up a high pick for trinity. That man better produce soon

We got screeewd

We gave-up a 5th and a 7th and got their 6th. You mean high as in the number, not actually where the pick is?!?!


LOL. It is definitely a justifiable response.

This is the sort of outside the box thinking that can take us places. Could we call Matt Patrica’s mom, while we’re at it?

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She won’t pick up if she sees a SE Michigan area code. The last time I spoke with her; there was much harsh language involved.

I may have tried to convince her it wasn’t too late to abort him. So much for the open exchange of ideas I had hoped for.


Yes, brother…but…did you ask her if she had a refund policy?

No, I demanded compensation for pain and suffering.

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LOL - can we sue her for the court fees as well.

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Sign Golden Tate.

prayer GIF

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