What do we have for sure at WR?

I have 3 : Amon St Brown , Breshad Perriman , and Quintez Cephus. unknown? : Geronimo Allison , Victor Bolden , Tyrell Williams or RB Jamal Williams???

I think we have options.

T Williams and Perriman have that size and deep speed to stretch the field

Cephus and S Surratt (he should make team) are ultra physical possession guys

St Brown I think is a lock to start in the J Landry or G Tate/Edelman type role.

I think we will have a defined 2, 3, and 4 WR going into next year with a first rounder or free agent becoming the #1

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T Williams
Q Cephus
A St Brown
B Perriman

That’s it.

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we’ll be 'ok with Hock and Swift. I’m sure our Leaders will keep an eye open for an available WR later on good enough to satisfy our needs for a legit receiver.

I’m calling it now. If we hit the ground running we go get Brandin Cooks.

All we have at WR is names no one outside of Detroit has heard or other teams are going to fear.

I think baring injury.

Tyrell Williams will be WR1
Quintez Cephus will be WR2
Breshad Perriman will be our deep threat WR3
Amon St. Brown will be the Slot WR
Khalid Raymond will be our gadget player.

I also expect our RB’s and TE’s to be heavily involved as receivers.

My guess is no one on our team will be a true WR1 and that Goff will be forced to spread the ball around a lot. Meaning no one has more than 900 receiving.

I also predict Goff has around 3800-4100 yards passing.


I remember watching T. Williams at the chargers a few years back and thinking at the time “dang this guy may be better than Keenan Allen.” He’s not as dynamic but a certain threat. His injury was to his shoulder, which is better than a leg injury for a WR. He will probably be the big play guy we need.

Goff is very good at spreading the ball around, especially with time. He just needs 5 receivers out there (including swift and hock) doing their job and he will do his.


It’s amazing how easy things are in the off-season.

I think it will be
#1 Williams
#2 Perriman
#3 slot St. Brown
With Cephus the #4.

You think QC will be on the outside?

That’s kind of how I envisioned it as well…except Cephus possibly starts in the slot for the first 6 games or so.

Yes I do.

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I think TW and Perriman are locks to start on the outside and I know Bo-cephus can play inside or out so I just figured he’d start inside.

What makes you think he’ll be outside?

I think Brown will be starting in the slot and I think Perriman has never shown to be consistent and there’s a good chance he won’t beat out Cephus as a result.

Don’t get me wrong I expect Perriman to get plenty of opportunity.

I also expect that Hock will get plenty of snaps in the slot as well.

My guess is we will see a lot of rotation on the outside at WR early on and that it’s Cephus who ends up being the most reliable and eventually gets the nod. Just a guess…. I could be wrong.

yap our WR’s will have some help from Hock and Swift , as well. I don’t see "much "of a problem passing or spreading the ball around…especially if our playbook isn’t written with crayons and from mental midgets like before…

issues, that’s what we have at WR fo sho

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Of the four only Perriman will be on out side with his speed.
The other 3 will rotate around from slot to stack to out side.

All 3 can play slot an be a different problem. Throw in Hock an Lions may not have shiny WR but the other teams still have to cover them. Lions also have RB’s that can catch the ball an create problems.

We have a QB thats been there before an a very good OL.

I have no idea nor does anyone else how we will do but I expect we will do better than the talking heads expect.
We all know how fast they can say told you so or switch an say they felt it was possible.

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Best. Off-season. Ever. I don’t want it to ever end!!! But if it has to end, I want plenty of time to delete a bunch of posts…

Admittedly, I don’t do numbers when it comes to football, so I am saying this without knowing the financial implications. With that said, if Cole Beasley is cut, I think he’d be a good safety net for Goff when Hokenmania isn’t available. Reminds me a lot of Kupp, whom Goff had a lot of success checking down to. Full disclosure, I love crafty, shifty, tough little f’ers who just find a hole in the defense and move the chains for the next man up to catch the 45 yd TD pass and collect all the glory.