What do we need to make us respectable?

To fix our run-game, to give us some good WR’s, to make our defense better, etc, etc.???

I understand we can’t fix everything in one year…and to be honest, the NFL is set-up so that it’s almost impossible to have no holes in your team with the cap limitations and free agency. But throw me a couple of moves, draft picks, etc.

On offense, it’s a killer scheme, outstanding QB play and a stud reciever away IMO. Not that far right?

Defense needs an on the field leader, a stud in the front 7, and the secondary to develop to their potential. If all that happens, and a good scheme is implemented, then you’re looking at a playoff caliber D.

I think we need…

2 RB’s. I like Lindsay (den) and Williams (gb) or someone in the draft to pair with swift.

3 WR’s. You could tag golladay and draft a stud at 7. I also like Corey Davis (ten), John Ross (cin), Curtis Samuel (car), Higgins (cle), or Godwin (tb). I actually like a combo of those options over golladay myself.

Players at every level of the defense. I think they should focus heavily on defense in the draft, if possible.

They won’t be able to fill all of these holes in one offseason, but the new coaching staff will hopefully encourage more players in being interested and hopefully Holmes is as good as advertised at drafting.

Coaching makes the biggest impact. Teams go from bad to good quickly when coaching improves.

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Completely agree.

I want to fix the O first.
Trade out of 7, then take that badass RB you guys were talking about.
WR with a high pick

I want a RB, to add depth, versatility, and more importantly, protect Swift’s health. There has been talk of Swift as a pass catcher a lot in this offense. I like that idea, and even if they weren’t, IMO, we still need a hammer. You cats were talking about some big, fast, strong dude coming out that is projected to be the first RB drafted this year. I say pull the trigger. Trade out of 7, snag an extra 2nd or 3rd - grab that dude. Add a great WR first, start building out the OL after that.

I’m thinking bringing Jones back for one more contract may be the way to go. He hasn’t really shown signs of wear, and has been a great soldier for us, despite the fact that he looks like he hasn’t went through puberty yet. Love that dude.

Try to sign’n’trade KG. I hate it, but I think he’s too expensive and too hurt. I love his game as much as damn near anyone. I love that he brings toughness. I just think he wants too much. Hate that he wasn’t extended earlier, but now…it is what it is.

DT would be the biggest impact we could have on this team, if we can get the right guy. I don’t think the right guy is in the draft or FA, this year. Brutal.

For the coming season offense. Complete the o line we need a guard or a right tackle. Also need a deep threat reliever and a number two RB. On defense start rebuilding strait up the middle tackle middle linebacker and safety. So your looking at six players thru the draft and FA this year that will be improvements and hopefully building blocks over last year. It’s gonna be dam hard to do but not impossible.

I think Bevell was a little more demanding on the oline as far as movement is concerned. I think that hurt the chances of last years 4th round pick. Logan Stenberg. Something tells me that dude and MCD are cut from the same cloth. He is a similar size and player that Lamp is, the LG for the Chargers (Lynn). I don’t think the results of the LAC Oline is what we are shooting for, but I guess what I’m saying is, we invest in RT because we’ve got a road grader type OG sitting in the wings. Vaitai sucks, bite the bullet and move on as if he is here in roster spot only.

I 'd love to see the lions trade back to 15, pick up another could high round picks and take Mayfield out of Michigan to play right tackle.

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5 WRs

A Team Leader on defense

To get rid of Flowers contracf.

I think we should finish the O. I think we can this year. I felt this way before and I feel this even more so now that we’re trying to rehabilitate Goff.


Restructure Flowers and Collins and cut all the dead weight. This should allow us to sign KG or ARob and one good defensive free agent.

Swift/KJ/Javian Hawkins (5th)
Golladay/Smith (1st)/Darden (Rams 3rd)

If we can fix Goff (if he truly needs fixing) then that should be an elite offense.

Then you have our 3 rd, 4th and one high end free agent spot for defense with plenty of resources to spend on that unit the following two years.

The Lions need to execute a plan to succeed at a high level that is focused beyond this season… in terms of fixing the cap and maximizing a window of opportunity in the future. BQ and Patricia slammed the window shut for 2021 for sure… and most likely 2022 as well.

This organization has had one administration after another that tried to slap a bandaid on a gaping wound to “fix” the problem right away. I hope they finally have a team that can look ahead with a realistic vision.

I am really ecouraged by the staffing hires on a whole, and the “long” view of the Stafford trade is another great sign.

I see the answer as a change in philosophy.

It is not so much about picking the perfect players for this year… but setting the team up to acquire better players for many years to come.


I think the answer changed the moment we traded Stafford.

With Goff at the helm I’d try to build the team like TEN is built. With Defense and a strong run game. Tannehill excels because that offense doesn’t ask him to do too much.

Unfortunately this is something the Lions have been incapable of doing for some reason

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Have MCDC take the head of Referees on a party buss.

Plus what you guys said.


read my mind . don’t think I could have said it much better.

A new fan base and media maybe

Jones was probably helping them with under the table bets (laundering their bets to be untraceable) and/or giving the refs money on the party bus. The league should have been PISSED over the party bus. It’s more than likely standard procedure and part of how they get down with certain teams. Truly, this may be our biggest obstacle.

That said, the Lions have messed up the stuff they can control as well. Spielman & Cambpell are not the types to let that shit go unchecked either. Wondering if there is any way that stuff can change, even if slightly.

Truthfully, in watching Campbells presser, I was a little surprised to not see yellow flags flying. he’ll probably get fined.

We need help at RB, big time. Swift is awesome, and he will be more effective this year than last. He’s not the type of guy that can carry the entire load. We need a badass to help him (not a “good enough” to help shoulder the load…KJ isn’t even that). WR, OL, RB.

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I agree.
The Lions need to elevate their play, and I think these guys are not going to take obvious hose jobs with meek acceptance. I’m not sure what they can do, but I at least hope they stand up for the team.
That part of the culture needs to change too.

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Tennessee had a bottom 10 defense by any metric. They did have a dominant running game and the O-line was really good though.

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Crazy stat: allowed 27.4ppg with a QB who threw for 3800 yards 7 INT with a 106 QBR.

If there’s Derrick Henry let’s get that mofo! Otherwise we should wait on RB. I’d prefer Jamaal Williams or a late round RB. Without WR’s/with Marvin as our #1 the box would get stacked, heavy. The market’s correctly devalued top RB’s based on recent history. I don’t want to siphon through late 1sts and 2nds with a RB every other year to form a committee. Swift is very good, roll with him for a bit and add a power back with more explosiveness than AP (shouldn’t be hard). We missed our 3 down back opportunity with Jonathan Taylor last year. Running game will be A-ok if our line performs and swift stays healthy.

Round 1 will set the tone and is most important. Domino’s fall from there. I prefer one of the top WR’s at #7, trade down is fine. If we trade down and scoop an extra pick I want BPA on D literally any position, WR or OT. High upside who needs development and drops because of it sounds good. A slightly less beastly Ansah type. Someone who would make sense to resign in 2-3 years considering what positions are easier to fill via free agency so the pick is relevant when we hope to start competing.

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