What do you think is the biggest rivalry in the NFL right now?

Interesting discussion question I thought of, so thought I’d ask.

For me, I’m going unorthodox. I’m picking Ravens-Titans, and only because it seems like the only rivalry with any kind of hatred for the other team by the players we have anymore.


I believe several players who say they have never played in a game quite like that one before. Chiefs/Raiders is starting to heat back up.

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Aaron/Green Bay


Growing up it was always KC/Oak & Dal/Wash. Those were great rivalries. Today, potentially, Pitt/Clev could become great again.

Officials vs Detroit


To quote our Head Coach:

“Before long, we’re going to be the last team standing.”

Detroit vs everybody!

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Brady v Belichick

Pitt vs the “Ratbirds” as friend (who is a Steelerfan) likes to refer to the Ravens

Yeah this is the one that comes to mind.

I think the NFC west is primed to get chippy too.

I don’t think Bill has the horses to make that one close

I think last pre season game lions vs bills , very intense

The Pats are going to win that game. Book it.

Cam Newton Football GIF by New England Patriots

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There is true hatred amongst Eagles, Giants and Cowboys fans. Right now, I think its Eagles-Giants, because: (a) the Eagles tanked to let Washington win the division rather than the Giants, (b) the Eagles traded with the Cowboys to get Devonte Smith right in front of the Giants, causing the Giants to trade down and settle for Toney. Giants fans can’t help spitting all over the place when talking about Eagles.

Good one! But can it be a rivalry when its so one-sided?


This was the first one that came to mind, but its worn off lately.

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Ha - this was my very first thought before reading anything.

That rivalry is heating up.


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A hammer and a nail meet often, but they can not be considered rivals.