What Does The Tie Mean For The Detroit Lions Future?


Assuming there are no other ties, or at least none that include NFC teams who end up tied with the Lions, let’s look at how the standings would play out. Let’s assume for this example that the Lions end up 9-6-1 on the season. The Lions then finish ahead of any team in the standings that is 9-7 and behind any team that is 10-6, which illustrates how unlikely tie breakers are to come into play for the Lions at the conclusion of the season.

One other thing to note, another tie for the Lions is no better than a loss. 9-5-2 and is really NO better than 9-6-1. 9-5-2 still finishes ahead of 9-7 and behind 10-6. So a second tie would basically gain us no ground in the standings aside from also keeping our opponent out of the win column for that particular game.

For example, if the Lions tie the Packers at some point this season, and end up 9-5-2 with the Packers going 9-6-1, the Lions would finish ahead of them in the standings. Such a scenario where the Lions tie another team they could end up neck and neck with in the standings is quite unlikely, so the Lions and Matt Patricia should approach overtime games from here on out as if a tie is a loss, and if late OT timeouts on defense trying to get the ball back allow the opponent to get a field goal turning a tie into a loss, so be it. As always, they have to try to win them.

Has any team ever tied more than once in a single season?