What else do we have to do to build a run game?

I vote we invest all our draft picks into the run game again next year. O Lineman and more running backs. We have poured so many resources into this aspect and it isn’t improving.

We have 2 1st round picks a 2nd. We’ve spent a lot in free agency.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t use this game as reason against our run game. Throw this one away.
Not saying we don’t need improvement in that area. Eagles run D is stout.

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I totally agree with that statement. It is just one area that I think needs a lot of improvement still for a balanced team. If we can run the ball effectively it would have changed a lot of the problems going on in these games.

Bring back Zenner. :slight_smile:

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I think our OL play has to get better but keep in mind that Philly is 3rd in run defense too.


Maybe have the QB connect on all the throws he should have made?

We just need, desperately need, a run game. It would improve this team so much if we could run at will.

I am going to slightly agree here. There were a few incompletions that were clearly Stafford’s fault, and the chuck and duck where the challenge flag was thrown, that pass never should have happened. Having said all of that, it still appears to me that Stafford generally has less time to throw than opposing QB’s.


Philly played to stop the run. They dissed the pass game. Beat them with the pass and the run opens up. There were a lot of passes that were left on the field.

It always feels like that, but he had time on a lot of those misses.

He’s just not consistently accurate.

It seems every defense we play generally stacks the line of scrimmage. They stop the run and then hurry and pressure Stafford if passing.
Take out that 44 yard McKissic end around, and we were atrocious.
We have to run the ball better.

That is just how Stafford is and always will be. He is our QB though and we won’t get anything better than him. Brady brees etc do not grow on trees. Continue to invest in the run game. O Line and Runningbacks. This will get Stafford less involved in the game.

Philly played 4 in the box and dropped 7 into coverage most of the game. They definitely didn’t play the run.

Personally I thought Stafford played a solid game. One for sure bad throw. But a solid game for him.

Chiefs in next week. They gave up over 200 yards on the ground to the Ravens today. That will be the key to beating the Chiefs next week. Philly much better vs. the run than KC. Keep the clock rolling and Mahones off the field.

THe Chiefs suck. They barley beat Bal by an ugly win… lol

Yeah, they have a great offense, but they can be run on. If we beat them it’ll take a strong run game.

Yeah right, he’s right behind Brady and Brees…

You don’t know we won’t get anything better. You’re just saying that because you want to keep him so bad.

If we de-emphasize the QB, we won’t need “better”, will we?

I’m sure we can just snap our fingers and get someone better than Stafford. I know it…because faith tells me so.

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Their defense is horrible. They can be run and passed on. It’s a shoot out type mentality when you play them. I don’t see us slowing that offense much without more pressure. We will need to create some turnovers and force some FG’s.