What fans rank as Lions best off-season move

Since the schedule gives us a chance to pause and reflect on the off-season, I wonder what we’d rank as the Lion’s BEST off-season move. This coaching staff gets my vote. HUGE upgrade! Great coaches make good players Great and these players will be learning:

Receiving from Antwaan Randle El
Running from Duce Staley
Throwing from Mark Brunnell
Blocking from Hank Fraley
Pass rush from Todd Walsh
Linebacking from Mark DeLeone (from the Bears)
Cornerbacking from Aubrey Pleasant
and Defense from Aaron Glenn assisted by Dom Caper

Best group of coaches I can ever remember Lions having. Who is with me! Or better yet, what move did you rank best?

Grading the Lions Off-Season Moves So Far - Full Press Coverage


We’ll see. I think there are a lot of guys with recognizable names from their playing days, not sure how that will translate to actual coaching ability.

I’m hopeful, but it’s far too early to be christening these guys as successes.

The coaching move I like best is getting Anthony Lynn from the Chargers. Duce Staley is a close second.


Hiring Brad Holmes


I like the lemons-to-lemonade move of going from Stafford asking for a trade to getting back a very good QB plus some picks.


Yeah, Stafford trade is number one. Followed closely by the front office / coaching staff shake up. Thirdly, having Sewell fall into our lap.

This isn’t your daddy’s Lions team!


I’ll give a vote for the best off season move as the Lions bringing in the guy who sleeps, eats ,and shits football, #54. I think without him, MCDC is not on the radar. Without MCDC, no great staff. Read an article recently that the Barnes pick had to pass Spielman’s eye test. The jury is obviously out on how the kid will do but my money is him being very solid LB’r for years to come

Definitely No. 54 being Sheila’s football eyes and ears.

And Dan
…Sewell is 3rd best move, IMO, but that sort of fell in our lap. I believe we got the best player in the draft. I dunno if I like Dan or Brad better. Ill let them figure it out over the course of the next few years. My instinct is to support the bald guy.

While Dan may not be a world class coach, he is a leader of people, and this is exactly the type of leadership I have wanted…if the OC and DC can provide enough assistance for MCDC, we will do very well in the near future.


The test has not yet been taken, so the grade is INC

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I view DC and Holmes differently. I’m sold on Brad. DC I’m merely cautiously optimistic.


I like a lot of these answers.

My favorite move is hodling on WR early then drafting Amon Ra St Brown.

The addition of Brockers could be key. I considered the question with regard to who we acquired after the coaching staff was hired. The coaching staff is a no brainer so far…


I see them differently too. I think Dan needs more help than Brad does. Both have systems in place and assistants to help them do their jobs, bu it’s completely different. Brad’s work is more systematic.

Dan’s work is more based on heart, the Strength of the human spirit, connecting with other people and relying on those connections to inspire (there’s a reason I love this guy so much - he’s EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting…right or wrong). Dan is a hear-centered dude who relies on leveraging other people’s love energy and warrior spirit to get done what he wants to get done. If his assistants are given as much autonomy as I believe they will be, and they are competent (fingers crossed), I feel this type of “system” could be the best the league has to offer…and possibly the hardest to emulate.

Loving badasses will murder people who are not as connected to the cause and each other. The message of how Detroit needs this will be hammered into the guys too. They will be connected to the brotherhood, to the philosophy, to themselves, and to the city.

Love wins, MF’rz…even in battle…especially in battle.

That was a very close 2nd for me. It was amazing. Stafford it turns out is rated better than a 2X pro bowl and superbowl QB with a higher QBR. Who knew!?!

Breaking up the football czar position that Quinn had. Having a GM and cap guy (Disner) is a bit like the old Mayhew Lewand arrangement, but the team is also putting the HC on equal footing. So, even if these guys bomb, I support their eliminating a concentration of power with the likes of Quinn.

I don’t see a mis-step this off season.
Holmes, Campbell, The trade, the coaching staff, and the best draft in my 53 years of paying attention.
Again, I find myself giving big credit to Martha for being strong, and yet, humble.
Sheila is doing a fantastic job!


The firing of Matt Patricia and it’s not close.
As far as the new coaching staff , you guys said all the same shit when we hired Quinn and then Patricia. You also said the same shit with Rod Marnelli. I think I’ll wait till they practice and play a game before I say there the greatest of all time especially when you been wrong so much on other hires.


Not me, friend. I’m honest about who I like and who I don’t. Didn’t really like Schwartz cuz he was dickey, liked Caldwell though he topped out, never liked Patricia from Day-1. Like Campbell because he’s a motivator and gang-builder who won’t try to call plays. He knows his strengths and he’ll keep his players hyped. IMHO.

Check me during the season. I’ll always shoot straight.


Fair enough but players gotta like guys who have played at a very high level teaching them.