What goal do you think we should have accomplished by this time next year?

I say, we need to know who the long term answer at QB is, and have him on our roster. Whether it be Goff or a draft pick, that is my goal for this upcoming season. Everything else comes second.

What do you guys have?

For the record, if we win, then Goff is the long term answer. I’m not saying I don’t care about winning.

… that we can win regardless…

Meaning we don’t know if Goff gets injured or not or if when or not…

If, regardless of what throw our way, we can win… then we established the right culture and coaches…

Like NE did… there is no way with the roster they ended up with they should have been 7-9, and having three games decided each by less than TD… they went 5-4 thier last nine…

That’s what I am hoping for… a team that can win each week regardless of who’s playing…

Sweeping the division and winning the Super Bowl.


This was going to be my second thing if I had one.

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Have an identity and build an elite unit that can accomplish it. If you want to run the ball and play defense then build the lions into the 04 chargers.

Basically just have a cohesive plan from top to bottom in the organization that doesn’t change from year to year.

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Truthfully, I think we have to see what this year looks like. With our current WRs, we may have to give Goff 2 years to see what he really looks like. The way I see it, we have 2 more years with lots of draft capital to get it sorted out. If we have to get a QB, we have space to trade up.

IMO, the priorities

  1. At least one game-changer at WR
  2. Figuring out Vatia’s position
  3. Depending on what JJ does, Depth at RB
  4. Most likely another WR, aside from the one mentioned in #1

**If Barry Sanders or Lawrence Taylor are available, it should trump all else, no matter what needs are, or what is expected. Game-changers first.

While true, so I have to agree with it, I really hate this excuse. I’m not getting on to you for using it, because it’s a real excuse, but I hate that we have to use it, and don’t get why Holmes would’ve put Goff in a position to fail without any WRs like that. If it’s Holmes buying time for Goff by setting up this excuse, then it’s all Holmes’s fault. If Holmes uses the excuse, at least internally, of “well, we didn’t have any receivers”, that’s totally his fault. We had a likely low, spare first and Julio Jones was clearly on the market. We could’ve gotten a receiver if we wanted one. There is no excuse for not having receivers IMO, because that’s on the front office.

Completely agree. That’s why I like Thibodeaux for us even if Goff sucks for this reason.

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I think they went with best future moves first. They took long term approach. Also, based on everything I’m seeing, I suspect they fully believe Goff is our guy, long term. The way Goff’s contract is structured, he was gonna be a Lion for 2 years, at least.

I think we’re building a team that wins with trench players and toughness, not the top tier QB. Dan even said, “it’s not the QB’s job to win/lose football games.” I know I slaughtered that paraphrase, but the gist of it is - we will not live or die by the QB.
Sounds to me like a Flacco, Eli Manning, Phil Sims, Trent Dilfer SB approach, IMO.

This should be the goal every year!!!

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I expect this team to be twice better after two drafts and get more wins on top of it !

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Oh - and hotter cheerleaders please!

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I think we’ll know if Goff is the QB going forward certainly by the by (week). After that… playoff hunt

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Great question, OP!

A. We need to decide if Goff is The Man going forward. This will be the gutsiest call Holmes and Campbell make, because it will likely define their tenures here. As I’ve said before, I’m very worried that Goff might be neither great nor awful; just kind of … OK. Which will make that all-important decision of whether to reset at QB extremely tough.

B. I expect to see dramatic improvement on defense, even if the personnel changeover is incomplete. Just being away from Quinntricia’s disastrous ideas of defensive personnel and schemes.

C. I hope to see a lot of, “They battled; they played smart, crisp football; but in the end the other team’s superior talent was just too much for them.” That I can take. The lost, clueless incompetence of Patricia’s arrival would be another red flag for this group, just as it was for Quinntricia.


I expect Goff to be a 10th rank or so QB, once we’ve built this thing. I think he will be “good enough,” but not an absolute top tier guy.

B - 100% agree with all of that.
C- Agree, but expect some rookie mistakes and likely penalties stirred into that soup. We are a very young team learning a new system…under a really new HC.

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This time next year means we will have completed our 2022 off season for the most part. 2022 free agency push and the draft is completed.

The honeymoon is over and the team has been built to Holmes’ and Campbell’s vision, and is ready to compete.

All excuses have been thrown out the door.

I think from a future perspective that the number one thing that has to happen is BH needs to be able to evaluate Goff in the new system. If God forbid he gets injured, I am concerned that we may see them bypass a top level qb only to see in 2022 Goff was more a creation of mcvay but the team has been built into a mediocre treadmill team and we struggle to find an alternative at qb in 2023 forward.

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With 5 picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft, and a boatload of FA cash I expect us to have turned over the weakest links in the roster and got legitimate starters in area’s of need. Thinking we will know one way or another on Goff is a maybe yes, maybe no, proposition. I’m pretty sure that they want his ceiling to simply be a game manager this season. Asking for more considering the holes that still exist is a pretty big ask. Righting the ship, owning the locker room, establishing a foundation to build on, those are legitimate and attainable goals.


yes we’ll know that pretty damn early , if Goff is the long-term answer @ QB or not.