What group are you happiest with at this point?

I know it’s super early and we have 1 preseason , and a couple practices so far , I wondered who likes what line/group and who do you think is playing best?

I am most happy right now with our rookies. I might be guilty of drinking the Koolaid, but this appears to be a knock it out of the park home run as far as the number of successful picks we landed. I know I’ve made hay about passing on Justin Fields, but Sewell will be a nice pick if he transitions as a franchise LT. The rest of the picks look like they are going to really contribute, at least the early reports are very favorable.

As far as position groups, I think the LOS is lining up pretty well for us on both sides of the ball. We’ve invested a lot of capital there so hopefully it pays off.


Dline slime is tops for me as they are not expected to be any good and it seems they are….


I’d agree, I say DL and actually the secondary. I like the development of Okudah and Oruwariye, and I think will Harris might actually have a good year this year.

The coaching staff. All I have read is that it is world’s better than the last regime. I know it’s not the biggest of news, just gives me hope.


The DL! It appears to me we have solid starters and solid depth. Our depth is good enough the when we make our cuts, 2-4 DL might get snatched up by other teams.


Probably the CB group as we have not allowed many uncontested catches. Younger guys like Parker, Price and Iffy seem to be doing well. Okudah and AO haven’t really been tested much at this point. I expect that to change tomorrow.

Oline had some issues, although against a stout Dline. LB group sure did with Tavai being the main problem. RB group w/o Swift was solid, but only after our slated #2 RB was done, which is a bit concerning. Safeties allowed to blown coverages to go for bigger yardage than they should have. Goff was pretty good, Boyle shows great arm and quick release, but big time accuracy issues make for hot or cold and the cold looks to equal INT’s if counted on for extended duty (Mike McMahon v2??). Blough looked good but against the 3’s so. ST’s hard to say on returns. These guys are all trying to win a spot so they aren’t going to fair catch it no matter what. Kickers I’m nervous. Even the short FG’s from Bullock looked like a challenge. Need to see what Zane has this week.


Defense and specifically D line. Hope to see big improvements there this season!


The Rolling Stones, even though Charlie Watts got sick and is going to miss the recent tour, they get my vote.

Here are some fans discussing the WR group:


If I go by the numbers…
The OL has 5 players of their 9 that I’m comfortable with.
The DL has 6 of their 10.

I have to give it to the DL. That AND we didn’t see from the OL in Preseason Game 1 what we’re all hoping for (dominance).

RB gets honorable mention, but I’m not as high on Swift as most. There’s interesting depth, but we’ll see. Just looking at the roster, this ~should~ be the group we’re all picking but I think we’re all equally in wait-and-see mode there.

We’ll get a better idea of the secondary this week against the Steelers. They have a great group of wideouts. Especially if Big Ben plays.

Its funny, I have no idea what to expect from the secondary. Like you sad, neither starting CB has been tested.

For now, this is a concern area for me. Mostly because its so unknown. And past results haven’t been great with basically this same group. But…coaching and scheme go a long way. I remember watching Will Harris run around his first rookie training camp. He stood out. He is so athletic. But then he really stunk it up. He looked lost and was missing tackles left and right.

We got the rookie who could breakout, but I don’t he will this year.

Tracy Walker is a guy who looked better as a FS than a SS, and now he is going back to FS. Hopefully that will pay off.

Okudah seems like he’s made a second year leap. Lets hope so.

Then there is AO. Another guy I’m on the fence about.


Build in the trenches is exactly what we have and are doing. The Lions 2 best and deepest position groups are O and D lines. Way better than drafting WR’s 4 years in a row in the 1st round. lol… where you at Matt Millen!


If the D-line controls the LOS and starts smashing QB’s, it’s going to give the secondary a chance to actually make some plays. Hope it works.

We played Eron Rodgers twice last year, and in 2 games he was hit 3 times total. Start hitting QB’s regularly and stopping the run, and all of sudden the secondary looks good. Okudah got drafted 3rd overall because the Ohio State d-line was so good as a recent example.


i feel like we need an upper level vet corner for Okudah. Doesn’t have to be elite elite but like what Slay had in Rashean Mathis.

I agree on one hand, but I think AG being the DC is the key for JO’s development.


I think AG being the DC is going to level up the whole secondary and defense. I think he’s the best or at least my favorite assistant coach hire next to Duce.


Fox. Not close.

After that, The Saint

…after further contemplation, I have to put them in order.
Fox - Goat
2. Holmes - these rooks seem legit, so far
3. Coach Dan
4. The Saint
5. McNeil

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Very true Ted. I guess I figure that if the backups are playing well, the coaches like AG and Pleasant (who I’d put about a million times better than Patricia et all) view the starting 2 as better. I think about the Saints and Rams DB’s / Schemes. We got the guys who have been developing both of those secondaries! Now I am Mr. Kool Aid on IV drip, so we also could be horrible too.

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