What happened today?

  1. It doesn’t look like the old aggressive vikings defense with crowd noise , I don’t see much pressure , then what’s the factor ?

  2. Both interceptions are targeted to hockenson. Is this a separation issue messing staffords timing or hockenson is overrated ?

3)Sixth loss to Vikings means that we have issue against decent defense ?

  1. Playing calling issue ?

  2. I am blind

  3. None of the above ?

1.Coaching staff is horrible

2.Stafford is killing this offense would rather see Daniels start next week.

Dont over-analyse, this is what happened


I saw a pretty girl serving water on sideline , she will runway with our special team coach Coombs , he is so hot now , three blocked punts in two games


Serious question… what happened to Stafford? Didn’t care to waste my Sunday with Lions but saw Daniel was in.

Concussion bro .I went to sleep after fumble , then woke up hearing interception thinking Td

History… Y’all remember UF’s Jarrad Davis? He couldn’t tackle Dalvin Cook when Cook was at #FSU, so naturally the #Lions passed on Cook in favor of Davis. Cook just put up a career-high 206 yards on Detroit. Some things never change.


Our QB looked like a QB who had not practice all week.

Our HC looked like a HC who hasn’t coached anything outside of JV football.

Our OC play calling is some next level brilliance.



Here’s the short story

They suck.

Here’s the long story

Fords suck


What happened?

  1. The Lions played a game

  2. The result was what it always is when the Lions play a football game

No need to think much beyond that.

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Practice will be the main topic, I know that . But then why we always flunk against Vikings defense ? We played him like a rookie qb like 16/17 with much yards . Then stafford took over . If he didn’t practice he can still play safe and don’t make the game again out of reach by two consecutive ints know ? Do you think Patricia would have saved his job if they drafted Herbert and a different style offense will milk another year ? Best commentator said about stafford today is that he is one of the best high school qb ever played from Texas

The Vikings have some quality players but they are a poor imitation of the team they were over the past few seasons.

Luckily enough for the Vikings they do have an experienced head coach who has a long proven track record of improving players on defense and an excellent offensive coordinator who is committed to running the ball but not in a style that more resembles offensive football from the late 80s so they can get by and can rebuild and improve.

Watching the Colts defense last week and the Vikings offence this week and they both have the identify which the Lions want to be on each side of the ball. I don’t believe either unit has a talent far exceeding what is on the Lions roster yet both are far more effective units. That comes down to coaching and culture for me.

Time to blow it up and start over. Kubiak or Eberflous as HC would improve us - a dog with a mallet stuck up its ass would probably improve us at this rate.

My summary is that the Vikings are mediocre, but we suck. I don’t want to dive any further into it than that.

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Yes that’s my point too , Vikings defense doesn’t looked scary like in past . I just wanted to see if stafford was making any progress this year , that’s all

What happened today? SOL, that’s what happened today.

Yet our heavily invested in Oline couldn’t control the LOS

Conversely Minny dominated our front 7

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Is your team talented but currently in a funk?
Is your team trying to find it’s identity after a couple weeks of not being sure?
Do you really need your star players to get some confidence back?

Ladies and Gentlemen I offer you the antidote you’re looking for! The tried and true no doubt answer to all your problems!
Play the Detroit Lions. Year after year, they help your team get back on track!


The special teams has been playing really well the last few weeks.

The football equivalent of she’s got a great personality


Stafford has Ford in his name , well branded. Rodgers has Jordan love as threat and stafford has none

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