What Happened?!

I didn’t get to see the game do I am seriously wondering what the hell happened?! For all the talk about how explosive and dangerous Gibbs is why are we not using him more? What happened to our “new and improved” defense? No sacks, no pressure, no turn overs and the Seahawks scored at will. Did we over buy the hype and is this SOL?

Aaron Glenn showed who he is.


In a nutshell, it was a step backward.


this defense somehow simultaneously doesn’t pressure and can’t cover


Defense played a vanilla game….

and I still haven’t seen how we are supposedly going to use Jah in ways people don’t think they will…… :face_with_peeking_eye::roll_eyes::grimacing:

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Getting really sick of defense that doesn’t defend. Been a big supporter of this staff but if defense doesn’t start producing Glen has to go. Offense plays too good to be let down over and over! 1 defensive stop and we win.

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LMAO- what happened? WE turned the ball over THREE different times-and our defense is broke dick !


Based on the stats I saw he had 12 total touches, 6 rushing and 6 receiving for less then 100 yards. Kid knows he is good, kid knows he can play. Underutilizing that kind of talent is how you work against player development. Either this staff figures out how to use their best players or they hit the street.


Tbf I didn’t think we’d use him on the bench as often

and one drop where he catches it may have scored…


Like I say didn’t see the game, I saw the pick 6 in the stat column but hadn’t seen anything about other turnovers.

I meannnn… the defense wasn’t the best but come on… we win that game without two turnovers. Or even if we kick a field goal instead of going for it at the 50 and gassing out our defense who was all nicked up.

Orr even if we kept the aggresssion going at the end of the half and the end of the game. The defense let us down in the end but they did enough to win. Minus getting a turnover

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LMAO… I was gonna joke that the bench was the “way” we would use him that was gonna surprise people.

It worked!!!

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328 yards passing allowed, 1 sack, could not get off the field in the second half except 1 time and then 9 plays 75 yards drive in OT.

Seattle also missed 2 fgs.

Bottom line is there was no confidence that that D could stop them today. That is on Glenn.

It rarely is one thing but 30 points allowed rarely produces wins. If it does everything else has to be perfect which it was not.

Long run hopefully this loss is good for the team. We will see next two weeks against clearly inferior opponents. Although i hate Thursday night games as those seem like crap shoots during season with short weeks.


Seattle beat us physically. Injured a lot of our players

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To me that was always a strange statement unless they planned to use him at TE or something weird like that. But that being said, have you noticed the defense playing the run more aggressively when Gibbs is in the game? Note that Gibbs was the RB in the game for the flea flicker. That’s not a coincidence as far as I am concerned.

He had 14 touches, which is 15 if you count the flea flicker. Barry had 18 touches in his 2nd game. While I agree with how they have used the backs so far, they will be forced to use Gibbs more in the next few weeks while Montgomery is out.

He was not scoring on that play. Don’t let the announcers fool you into thinking that. Its their job to hype things up.

The interception was a play where Goff was getting heavy pressure from the right side. It came after Big V went down and we had to shuffle the offensive line…again. The receiver cut across the middle. Goff had to get rid of the ball or take the sack. He threw to a spot behind the receiver, where the DB was.

One of the turnovers didn’t matter. Goff hit Amon Ra on a long pass down the sideline heading into the half. Amon Ra fumbled after making the catch. The Seahawks recovered the fumble but the half was over.

The other turnover was as crucial as the pick 6. We were starting our drive after the half (meaning we were backed up towards the 20-25 yard line) and Montgomery fumbled. That put the Seahawks in immediate scoring territory.

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This I agree with. But 7 of those points came from Seattle’s defense. And the 6 pints Seattle left on the field with the missed field goals you could say we left on the field with our 4th down tries.

Aaron Glenn definitely let us down but I think the loss itself is more on Dan Campbell.

I honestly think we should have been playing more uptempo quick passes like Seattle was. We should have been doing that since last week. Without Montgomery I hope that’s how we proceed


DMont fumble, Goff’s pick 6, Glenn’s whack ass soft zone defense where there’s always a wide open WR or two, lack of any pass rush taking advantage of an opposing OL with three backups playing, Dan getting too agressive and not punting when he should have, Dan going full turtle conservative on the final drive of regulation and playung for a FG/OT instead actaully being agressive anf taking a shot for a TD when he should have. I think that does it.


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