What has happened to Jameson Williams?

I was reading about his play this season and he only has like 354 yards and 2 TD’s, so what happened to him that he played so little and or had so few yards?

Every thing Jamo has been pretty thoroughly covered from the suspension, to the ease into the offense and then his strong end (other than the missed game). Other than AG he’s been the most discussed thing on this forum.

Year end stat sheets are cool for internet fight, but rarely much more. His stat sheet isn’t great, but he is looking like a great weapon and is coming along nicely.


yes I thought the "suspension " was a bunch of crap from the start-once it was lifted-we heard a fair bit more about Jamo, then it was like he disappeared.

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we were waiting for the playoffs to unleash the dragon.

Suspension, earning trust, injury, Sam LaPorta and Amon-Ra St Brown.

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Some guys take a while, but he seems to be coming on quite well.

In all fairness, 11/159 or 45% of both his catches and yards, have came in the last three game, and in the Dallas game he got his ankle rolled up on and left the game early. He is just coming into his own, and at the perfect time for the playoffs. If he is good to go next week, and I believe he will be, he will be full expected to help spread the defense and take up some of the receptions with Laporta being down.

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