What If Jamal Agnew

Is going to be the #2 corner? He’s the same size as Lawson, who played on the outside last year. He’s also the same size as former NE CBs Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan and their current starter Jason McCourty. Agnew played primarily on the outside in college, he’s a good tackler, has the speed and physicality to play press man, and he has good ball skills. I think it’s something a lot of fans are overlooking, I’m starting to think CB2 is already on the roster.

It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s their plan. They seem to be talking to a lot of players in the draft that have PR/KR experience so maybe they feel Agnew is ready to make the jump and want to give him a break from his return duties. The other thing I was thinking is our #2 may change depending on matchup, Agnew isn’t going to matchup well against a team like SD with a bunch of 6’4" WR’s but he may excel against teams like NO or NE that has smaller WR’s.

Also could be they just want versatile players and PR/KR is part of that mold.

I feel like Agnew has a high ceiling. If that dude gets a pick, he’s gone. Question is, Can he get a pick? It’ll be interesting to see what happens with him.


I think Agnew could very well be on the field a lot in nickle and dime formations against some teams in obvious passing downs. He may very well be the reason the Lions do not take a CB before Day 3.

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well, and don’t get me wrong I’m not really comparing the two aside of speed, but deion sanders’ best ability was suckering the qb into throwing his way and just outrunning everyone to the pass. dude was so fast it was crazy. I could see agnew being similar, speed wise but you have to have pretty good ball skills to get to the ball itself and break it up or pick it. Honestly I wouldn’t care if he didn’t get any INTs he’d just get there to break it up all the time.

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It’s an interesting idea.

He is hitting year 3. I feel generally you need to give a CB 3 years to get it all together. I think we draft another project CB that can return like him. It’s a good kind of gamble to take every few years in the 5th/6th round.

I wanna see if Bevel has a plan for him, too.

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I hope he regains that 4.3 speed. I was shocked he came back at the end of the season last year. He looked 2 steps slower.

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Same here. Very surprised they brought him back so early. Was definitely not expecting to see him until preseason this year.

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