What if Kyle Hamilton was 3 inches shorter?

Im just curious if you guys thought he’d be as highly regarded at 6’1" as he is at 6’4"?
Would he still be considered as a top 5 pick?

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Fabulous question. And the answer is absolutely not.

I’ve been saying this all along. People are enamored with his size, but his film is nothing special.

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I’lll probably be in the minority here… but I would actually like his potential more.

His boo would probably be pissed.

…and I would look down on him.

Nope, I was thinking the same thing. I think he’s a much safer pick at 6’1" than 6’4"…but still would not want him in the top 5 of this draft either way.

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Any Safety taken at 2oa better have off the charts stats. There better be zero questions.

What if Kenny Picket had 10 inch hands?