What if Patrica gives a new DC full control?

I know most dont think this will happen but what if it did.The hiring of a experienced OC was a night and day difference this year and a very solid move by the front office.If they were to hire a DC that came in and changed the scheme to utilize the players on the roster how much would that change the outlook on next season?

If this were to happen, then there was no reason to keep Quinn and Patricia.

You shouldn’t get to fire and hire FOUR coordinators in your first 2 years as head coach.

Giving full control to the DC sounds ok, but why keep Patricia? He’s not exactly a good head coach. He sucks at clock management, challenge flags, timeouts, game prep, season prep and press conferences. What exactly does he do as a head coach that is a plus?

Has there ever been a head coach (outside of Caldwell) that gave up total control of their area of specialty? I think every head coach game plans with their coordinators and on game day either they call plays in their specialty or le’s their guy run the show. I don’t really care who calls plays as long as they keep the points off the scoreboard.

IF they are not any good why not? You tried, didn’t work, move on. Did you want to keep Cooter? Keep Pasqualoni?