What if the NFL went to EAST vs WEST Conferences?

The NFL is by far the most lucrative sports league despite playing only a 17 game regular season (vs. 80-162). They know how to milk the cow.

Travel costs are just not a big consideration for teams, with only 8-9 away games per year. Sure some teams get jammed by wonky turnarounds every year, but nothing close worth messing with longtime rivalries already well established and healthy.

There is not a pro sports league that the NFL needs to emulate in this regard. If you ask fans what the biggest issue would be with the league, it would be officiating I would guess. But nothing to do with the conferences and divisions as they are presently constituted.

As a geography buff, however, I thank you for your efforts!


The Detroit Biggie Smalls has a ring to it as the new team name. I suppose New York would lay claim to it though. So maybe the Detroit Slim Shady.


Travel is a non issue with a 17 game season.

And any alignment that does not have the Lions/Packers/Bears in the same Division would be very hard for me to support.

And I get it. The NHL survived it.

I am just not sure some of your comparisons work. No one cares about Dallas vs Washington outside of those fans bases. I mean does anyone Nationally care about Lions vs Bears or if you switched it up Lions vs Steelers? Or Lions vs Browns?

But I do appreciate the exercise. Something a bit more interesting to discuss in this dead period than the 53 man roster when we all know injuries and many surprises will happen anyway.

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Well, the networks do and thus the advertisers do

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I know, I know, said I was done but one additional comment.
The NFL does care about revenue but the travel expenses are somewhat built in whether you are flying to to LA, Dallas, Miami, Chicago etc the cost is minimal in difference.

If travel expenses were what mattered then we wouldn’t be expanding the international games every years. What matters is more viewers and clicks and media deals.

There is something to said for sports rivalries. It helps promote the brand. An east vs west thing could be done in a way to promote rivalries but I think the NBA and NHL models hurt those brands.

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There are also cyclical rivalries where teams become stronger and fight for titles based on better talent etc etc. KC vs Buffalo at the moment.

If it ain’t broken-don’t fix it .

You are speaking as a passionate fan who hates the Cowboys….so in your mind since you hate the Cowboys and don’t care to see them everyone feels that way. But IN REALITY the NFL and the broadcast networks don’t share your feelings at all. I can tell you networks root for the Cowboys to actually make the Super Bowl….YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. I’ve seen producers who are from New York and Philly root for the Cowboys to win because “It’s good for business”. That is no exaggeration on my part. So I have to disagree with your statement that no one outside of the Dallas/Washington fan bases don’t care about that game. People want to watch the Cowboys to either see them win or lose!

that is why I want to destroy Dallas , GB, and Chicago -with the Seahawks , Chiefs , 49’ers and Vikings and all the one’s that doubt that Detroit can beat them !! humiliate them and sweep them away !

Would there be bad blood between us and the Los Angeles Makaveli and their leader MC White Teeth? Possibly even escalating into pretzel throwing drive-bys?

For about 35 years I thought the lions would be best playing in the CFL…finally we won the nfc north and a couple playoff games… I don’t wanna change divisions now.


It was more a fun exercise to do in the offseason.
But yea nfl aint gonna change a good thing unless it OBVIOUSLY makes more money.
Ie more prime time games, more weeks more playoffs.