What if Tua Went #1 to Cinci?

They didn’t directly say it in this video, but McShay emphasizes multiple times that Miami loves Burrow.

What if Cincinnati goes rogue and takes Tua #1OA?..and Burrow is available @ #3 when Washington still takes Young.

Do you think Miami throws the bank at the Lions to get their guy?

Then Washington gets the deal of the century and we “settle” for Chase. Fine by me.
I’ll hoot and howl if Cincy goes Tua. Couldn’t work out any better for us.

Even if he doesn’t go #1 I’m not convinced that Washington doesn’t take Tua at 2…

I’m not sure Rivera is sold on Haskins.

True, but Snyder calls the shots in DC.

And Snyder loves him some Haskins…

If Tua goes number 1OA our most likely scenario is taking Okudah, Brown, or Simmons.

-on the other hand-

if Burrow goes number 1OA our most likely scenario is taking Okudah, Brown, or Simmons.

Adding to the plethora of ‘what-ifs’, What if Miami loves Burrow sooooo much, that they make Cincy a deal they can’t refuse, like a Herschel Walker type deal. And convinces Cincy to settle for Tua – at 3OA, so we’re involved in getting a bounty t move down to 5. They would probably not only be giving up their first rounders, but even 2021 and 2022 first rounders to make it happen. What if…

The question still remains is if Cincy does drop to 5, why would they really want to trade back up to #3 (to just give away picks) if they know we are ready to take Okudah or Young, with no question who is going to be our QB? Because you know #4 (NY Giants) will not be going QB.

Spoke to a MIA fan today. He says he’s hearing they don’t go QB, this year. He says they have 2 1st round picks in 2021, and can move up to get one next year, if need be.
Who knows?

I believe MIA can move to #1. Cincy has been in no hurry to take a QB. I could see them trading down and taking a QB. If the QB fails they still get value in the draft.

With the way Burrow has behaved I can honestly see Mia trading to #1.

Question is would CIN be willing to trade down to 5 or would they require MIA to trade up to #2 before they would trade with them.

I honestly think there’s a 40/60 chance we get a shot at Young but I fear we won’t take it if we do.

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I feel like we will trade back, if the opportunity presents itself.
Can’t wait for this to happen, and for the offseason drama to turn into season drama.

Phillip Rivers?

Not sure?


I think that’s about to change with Rivera being there…

It’s time for Snyder to swallow some pride and move aside and let actual football guys make the football decisions. It’s obvious what Snyder has been doing hasn’t worked

Right — that’s possible. But they could trade back up to three if they think five is too much of a gamble since there’s SD, Carolina, Tampa etc. all looking for a QB. Also, the Giants could trade down and still get a good OT a few picks later.

Everybody loves everybody right now.

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Detroit vs Everybody!