What is Jim Caldwell doing today?

Is it too early to call Matt Patricia a bad hire?

This was a playoff in team in 2 of the 4 seasons prior to 2018 and finished 2nd on the division in 3 of those 4 seasons, and starting week 1 they only look good against teams that Patricia knows well (IMO the win vs the Packers we due to Allen Park institutional knowledge). Other than that they are unprepared and outcoached.

I’m not prepared to call for his firing, but if they did I wouldn’t complain.

Patricia? No, he wasn’t the bad hire.
I don’t understand how our OL can look this bad.

Somewhere warm laughing his ass off.


It’s not just the OL, the only carryovers from last season that looks as good or better are Golladay, and A’Shawn Robinson. EVERYONE else looks off or slow. The letdowns are up and down the roster. The root of that many player failures have to end with one person.

Slay has been beaten more than he has since he was a rookie
Quinn looks slow and old
Stafford looks like he’s forgotten how to read defenses
Prater has missed more FG’s
Martin falls on a kickoff? Really?

I am with you Flee - this team looks bad. Ill prepared, un-motivated etc. If they looked a little better week to week I would feel better but they have not. It is evident they have not responded to MP.

Staring blankly

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Insert Apex’s Caldwell picture here.


He’s working with McMahon as a consultant for the XFL. He had coaching offers as an OC and turned them down.

I must agree the team has taken a step backwards.

As Stated in another thread. They look “disconnected” as in they know their individual tasks but just haven’t put it together yet.

It’s mob mentality, wrapped in a football format. Disorganized chaos with a whole lot of blame and finger pointing while each is looking out only for themself.