What is success tonight?

What defines success for tonight’s game!??

  1. no injuries! stay healthy!
  2. run defense!

What do we want to see tonight?

  1. Goff play more than one drive.
  2. Amon St. Brown - rest him. One drive only - plus we know what he can do. .
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Drink until I pass out, but not enough to shit myself.

Great Success Win GIF

  1. No injuries
  2. See Jamo do something good so he’ll hopefully stop getting criticized every time he lifts a finger.

Other than that I don’t really have anything.


No injuries other then that I’m just watching the game


Hard to say until we see who is actually playing in the game or not. I don’t expect to see Goff, and Teddy aint playing yet. So, it’s going to be a least 1 half of Sudafed time. And then the 2nd half will be Martinez, that could get ugly.

No serious injuries for sure would be the most important.

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No significant injuries…


Based on projected players that will actually play.

I would say the only player that interests me is Jamo.

Literally the whole offensive 1st string is not playing. That included Gibbs.

On defense I guess I am hoping to see some branch. But otherwise I doubt we will see many other actually playing. Again likely the 12-15 guys projected to be in the main mix will not be playing.

So I guess maybe Jamo and the FG unit. After that I do not see this game revealing anything. They worked the 1s all week in the controlled scrmmage.

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Has that been confirmed already!? What about the defense?

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No injuries, first and foremost. I’m really curious to see the UDFA’s, Drummond and Thomas in particular. They won’t be playing against #1’s or even #2’s probably but just to see them in live action against a real opponent. Of course, will be keeping on eye on the other rookies and Jamo who is essentially a rookie although not sure that we’ll see much of Gibbs and Laporta.

A minor injury to JOkwara so we could stash him wouldn’t be the worst thing. Maybe it’s better for that to happen later in the preseason though.

It is really hard to define as we don’t know what the goal is for DC and staff.
They can run certain plays, not due to success but due to wanting to see how certain players respond in that playcall.

However, no injuries goes without saying. Just want to see young guys depth players get a ton of time.

I’m not a betting man, but Julian staying healthy is about as likely as Natty growing hair.

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Keep him healthy and trade him for beanz

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I always thought JOkwara would be an Aldon Smith type of player (strictly football minus the off the field issues); however, it just hasn’t happen.

Bald shaming only increases his super powers. Bizzarro Samson that @bignatty.


We can’t take Pintos back. That ship sailed with Iacocca.

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Husker get to them parties before the :fire: wears off!!!

I agree, success for us and the Lions is don’t shit the bed tonight!

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Maybe he is already traded just keep him healthy Could be giants just a guess .

I’m good. I’ve got a play sheet wristband with “say it don’t spray it”, “I know you are but what am I” and all the greatest hits. If I run into 1st/2nd grade hecklers I’ll break out the emergency kit with the hand buzzer and water spraying flower.

Like I said, not clown like. Not at all.