What is the best defensive help in free agency in your opinion?

Defensive improvement is thee biggest need we have this season. Free Agency may hold a few key players that WOULD help us, but I’m not sure who would be our greatest targets , that’s the reason for this thread , so I ask many of you.

I think Fixing the DL will help us out tremendously. As far as DT, Chris Jones, DJ Reader, Arik Armstead and Javon Hargrove would help a lot. That is probably the spot i hope they focus on the most. Getting a FA DE would help out as well. If they can land one of those DTs i think it will change the face of the defense. They need to get the fight back in them as well. It seems like after the K.C. and G.B fiasco they lost their will to fight. Kind of like they felt no matter what they did they couldn’t win.

I think our issues are worse than a single DT and if he’s a FA, he has to be a considerable one.
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