What is the 'Green dot' mean?

does that mean a player is a starter?

The Green Dot signifies which player has the radio in his helmet that communicates with the sideline.

Offense its for the QB so they can call plays in. Defrnse its usually the LB that sets the defense. Seen a couple teams use safety.


he gets the plays or set up from the sideline Modern day stuff they stopped using flags years ago :grinning:

I’ve always wondered, does the green dot helmet have a mic too to talk with the coaches or is it just a radio for the coaches to give the calls to the players?

Like is it just one way communication or is it both ways?

One way communication from OC to QB or DC to captain of the defense. It cuts off with 15 seconds left on the play clock though.


I’m curious to how the overall communication works between the coaches.

Are there channels that they use Offense/Defens/Special teams? Who does the Head Coach have access to? Can Dan talk to AG, Ben, and with the replay booth guys? Dan must have access to the QB if he is calling play.

There must be a method to the madness with the overflow of communication during an NFL game.