What might have been.. stafford trade didnt happen


If that trade didnt happen we might be using this pick and others to move up to get a qb in this draft.

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We still might be!!

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Man you bout to start something…
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The more I think about it, maybe it would be a good idea to move back to say 9. You get the same tier guy at 6 and 9 maybe even a little further back. So, move back, get an extra first and maybe chase Drake Maye or Caleb Williams next year if this coming year doesn’t answer the questions needed at the position. Just a thought…


Sorry. I brought seriousness to this thread…not the point…

QB talk is bad.

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I feel this and it’s the strategy I want to happen so bad. If Carolina calls and offers 39, I am asking for next years 1st instead. I want the ammo to get a guy who slips outside the top 5 in 2024.

We don’t need anymore premium picks in 2023. Hedge the QB position, and position yourselves to make a move in 2024 if the opportunity arises.

It’s not “bad”… it’s stupid.

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Yes, being open minded and exploring all topics of conversation in the offseason is stupid. I really hope the lions aren’t even considering the possibility of how to improve all areas of their team. It is clear they need to just focus on defense.

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Damn it, I realized after you may be joking. Touché brother. You did get me…I am getting paranoid.
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Someone tested positive again!

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