What needs to be our biggest fear now, I think (Goff)

As many have noted, the Lions are in a good situation when it comes to Jared Goff.

They are proceeding as if he will be the QB going forward, and hopefully that works out great. If it doesn’t, the Lions are in a good position to move on from him. Minimal cap ramifications, and enough draft capital to draft a good QB high.

I do not think the Lions are going in QB at 7 in this draft. They might take somebody later, but A. I don’t think they see a QB where they will pick that they are sold on; and B. I really do think they want to try to make Goff work. And don’t want to send him that immediate message that they aren’t committed to him – after Goff just got that message, loud and clear, from the Rams.

The biggest fear now … what if Goff isn’t great, isn’t showing major upside – but isn’t bad, either? Just kind of above-average, a little inconsistent?

Will Holmes and Campbell make the bold move to move on if he’s playing competent QB, but not necessarily showing more than that?

I think thats valid given the fact that Holmes seems to be pretty high on him. From the way this thing is supposed to work thought Campbell doesn’t have that attachment. They both have to agree on him and if they don’t its time to move on. I do think QB is out of the question this year, unless they truly fall in love with one and he is there at 7. I think Goff is the unquestioned started this coming year and depending on how he plays, will be the guy into the future. If he is just mediocre or worse then we probably keep him in 2022, draft a rookie and let them battle it out. Then we either cut or trade him in 2023. If he balls out this year then you go into the off-season committed to him and building a team around him. The way I see if Goff has one year to prove his worth here.

This is interesting because alot of teams have been put into that position and most of them have chose to keep trying to win with the competent but unspectacular QB. John Elway was one of the few that decided to move on from his and he hasn’t recovered since.

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Biggest fear should be that the new coaches suck :-). Part of being a good coach is not just building a team, culture, expectation but also making the right decisions on players and strategy.

If they suck, the lions will suck :-). Players, draft, Goff etc are secondary.

BTW, what I think truly sets Brady apart as the goat is that he is another coach on the field. He will coach every single player on that offense on exactly what they are supposed to do where. Tampa Bay’s line got immensely better working with Statue Brady.

He also makes sure he gets the pieces he needs around him like his speedy slots like Miller that no one has ever heard of.

My biggest fear is that our running game doesn’t get going, although I completely agree with the remarks with regard to the staff. IF we can move the ball on the ground it will make life easier for Goff and the passing game.