What our record should be and what the bad pi call truly was

We should be 3-0-1 if the league knew what pass interference was. No, I’m not talking about the Hail Mary one. The more significant no call was the one where the defender grabbed KJ by his facemask and tugged his jersey and the ball was right there. It would’ve been first and goal at the 5 at the least. At best, KJ breaks a tackle and walks in for a score.


Nah. We are what our record is and we will be what our record is when we finish 10-5-1.

We’re too good for what ifs IMO. Now let’s just go ace the second quarter of the schedule. We’re good enough to do it


I’m usually one to join in, or start for that matter, the “refs took that one” parade. And while yes they screwed us enough to make a case for it, in reality for every call one can say in this one, we did something ourselves that cost us more.
2 fumbles inside the 5, 1 returned for a TD. Inability to stop them from running the ball in the redzone. Couldn’t get it done on 4th & 8.
We gave them this one, refs just give us an excuse to feel ok about it


Am I the only one who thought there was illegal contact on the touchdown pass to Golladay that got called back?

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No. Me too.

Did the refs have questionable calls? Yes. But the lions made mistakes too, so until the Lions stop shooting themselves in the foot I can’t really put the lose on the refs. Stafford should have thrown that ball away in the redzone instead of fumbling it. KJ shouldn’t have reached the ball over like that on first down. I mean c’mon fellas, he reached out falling backwards with the ball in one hand…that is asking for someone to punch it out in a goalline scenario. The refs also got some calls right that could have gone the other way like the KG toe drag TD…bottom line, Lions need to play better in crucial redzone moments.


Yup, can’t fumble inside the 5 yardline twice against good teams. Those have to be points.

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Here is the crazy thing. People kept saying we had to not settle for fgs…but if we had settled for fgs in those scenarios (worst case scenario of course) we are winning by 2 with 20 seconds left and all KC can do is pray an onside kick works. Stafford balled out and can’t really nitpick…but no one can argue that 2 fumbles inside the 5 (!!!) as you put it is okay…I reaally disappointed we lost…but pleased with the trajectory of this team.

10000% agreed. Don’t want * next to wins…want to go take it. Earn it, smack em around for it.

Should be 4-0 but yes we are what we are…:man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6: