What player on the Seahawks would you want most on the Lions’ roster?

Mine would be the same:

  1. Metcalf
  2. Woolen
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  1. Metcalf
  2. Witherspoon
  3. JSN
  4. Woolen

They have lots of great players.

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Quandre Diggs. Only to right a wrong.



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Witherspoon hasn’t played an NFL game so I’ll take Metcalf and Woolen.

I would like to have kept Diggs and Avril.
Other than that, we just cut good players. Who are you cutting to make room for who you want?
I’ve never been into fantasy football. I like the team “WE” have.

How good is there kicker?

Edit. Their kicker



Understood, but it wouldn’t be hard at all to find a spot on this roster for DK.

If contracts are considered……

Charles Cross

No doubt we could find a spot for a flying pig if this were truly Fantasyland.

I’d take Wagner 5 or more years ago. At this point in his career he’s not an upgrade over Barnes and Campbell.

If I can only take one player it would be woolen or Witherspoon.

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Haha he’s good. One of the more tenured and reliable kickers in the NFL.

I’m going Metcalf and by a wide margin. Worrying about Metcalf over the top and ARSB is a handful. And we still have a lot more to worry about. Just imagine…Jamo could be this for us in the second half :eyes:

Natty my man! I think I was wrong about 11 wins. I should’ve been full on drinking your Kool-aid months ago!

Tariq Woolen easy pick. Pro Bowl outside corner, dirt cheap. He’s gold like James Houston.

Ah heck, I have to say Evan Brown. The man earned a starting spot somewhere in this league and he got it, but boy did he give the Lions some solid snaps on the interior when called on. He has the grit, no doubt about it, and sure, there’s more talented and gifted guys out there, but Brown gave 110% every snap. Great guy and I’d find a roster spot for him on my team any day. There’s going to be a post game player reunion, and I guarantee he’s going to get a lot of love from his former teammates and coaches.

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