What’s next

Alright we’ve resigned our own we’ve brought in a player who could be our #1 but more likely our #2… so I pose the question… what’s next?

Personally I’d like to see the lions make a play at

DEs Barnett, key, or nwosu all 25 years old so all still young enough to grow and for Barnett resurrect there careers

LBs Jack, vander esch, Barr all have proven to be formidable LBs Jack has lost a step in coverage vander esch will look to resurrect his career after being injured then passed on the depth chart

S peppers or edmunds

Tear apart my thoughts but these guys will be hungry and want to prove something and that’s what this defense needs angty mfers.

So what say y’all? What’s next?

wailing and gnashing of teeth.

When that’s over, it’ll be the draft.


wailing and gnashing of teeth.
When that’s over, it’ll be the draft.



I still like Jordan Whitehead as an option at safety a lot. We’ll see what he costs, the safety market is in the tank, could be a bargain.

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Just sit back and wait for the super bowl in 2044!

True dat.
And Hope that THIS TIME it’s different.


Whitehead is off the board, can’t recall to who but he is gone.

I view him as an insurance policy, more than anything. Band-aid guy on a one year rental (could turn into more → love the incentive based stuff).

I think we draft future WR1 or WR2 this year. Chark gets to prove if he’s part of the future or not.

Gonna focus heavily on defense and take a TE late.

Hoping for Hutch and one of the badass DTs
Safety after DL.
DL makes back 7 more effective by default.

He was a bargain I believe

Jets signed S Jordan Whitehead, formerly of the Buccaneers, to a two-year, $14.5 million contract.

Whitehead has started for the Bucs for most of the last three seasons, compiling five picks and 21 passes deflected in 2,633 defensive snaps over that span. He had his best year in run defense in 2021, posting a 78.9 PFF grade, and has experience in both the box and deep. He’ll be the Marcus Maye replacement for the Jets, likely along Ashtyn Davis at safety. The Bucs will likely move Mike Edwards into a full-time role to replace Whitehead.

How do you pick Walker over this guy , can’t wait to hear this.

Again. You are a FA and can sign with any team. Unless you are getting a whole lot more money, why would you pick Detroit?

Because we have the smartest GM that can turn almost any player into gold and the best Coach in the league so we don’t need talent. Haven’t you been reading.

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…draft people at a fraction of the cost…who also plans to build a DL that is so good you don’t have to overspend at S

(just my guess)
We know they have a trenches first mentality.

Just because they CAN win with lesser talent doesn’t mean that’s part of the plan. #Assumptions

This team will consistently outperform the level of talent they bring in…even when they have fantastic talent.

Lol Yeah with Ole Levi, and our Dline isn’t good at all bro.

Yes I’m gonna go to Detroit to play because the GM is super smart. Again….why in the he’ll would any player pick Detroit over any other place? Unless that smart GM was paying way more than any other offers perhaps?

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It’s clear we’re not playing comp picks this year, so yeah, value FAs, come on down!!

Did you account for turd factor?

Man it’s good to find The Den again! I would like to see them get Peppers and Vander Esch! Both to prove it deals like Chark.

Welcome to the board!

My first reaction was aren’t those guys retired!? I was thinking of Julius Peppers and Kyle Vanden Bosch

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Lol, thanks! I was a member when it was in scout and 247 back in the day.

Glad J found the board again! Reddit is terrible!


Agreed, reddit is the worst.