What’s the early gut feeling for Washington?

Just curious how everyone’s feeling about this upcoming matchup? I know most of us are mostly concerned with the health of the OLine.

I personally feel like we will control this game. Our offense is built to take advantage of the middle of the field and that’s Washingtons biggest weakness. I think Wentz is going to be sloppy and our DLine is going to wreck some habit. I’m calling it now 2 sacks for Hutchinson.

Lions win 34-20


That’s pretty much where I am at.

Lions, 31-21


Gotta win

Will win

Whatever it takes


Lions by 10+
Goff massively improved
Defense gets a turnover or 2


Its the unknown…I we have 3 backups in the middle, including a couple guys who haven’t played w/ us yet…could get ugly. If its only Ragnow out, confident Evan can hold up. Do we have swift? To much unknown…if we were completely healthy, I’d say lions by 7.

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I think we just lose Rags so Brown steps in he can handle Center an Stenberg will get his second chance an overall he played ok last week .

D can’t miss tackles on QB like last week an I don’t think they will. I think we open O more this week.

We all knew Eagles game was going to be a loss they have a Vet team. I think Lions player after first TD to try not to lose instead of playing to win.

The second half got it going. Pic 6 hurt so did 5 or 6 drops .

I think Lions found out last week they can be as good as they think they are.

They scared Eagles an 3 point game is not major loss The Eagles needed 90 yards by the QB rushing an are drops an pic to win by 3. We should win this game .


Does a betting line ever come out at -0 ?

Lions: 20
Commanders: 31

Lions lose a close game due to too many ailing/missing starters along the OL.


A close loss where the defense gets torched again and the offense brings it close when the opposing defense softens.

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Lions will win by 13-18 points.

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Before the season, Lions win a tight, one score game. Now with the injuries, Lions lose a tight, one score game.

It will always come down to injuries. Who, how many in a position group, how serious, for how long.

24 -28 Lions win

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Washington is a very good receiver core. Very fast. Already using Dotson in the slot a lot and he is fast. Gibson is a very good back and has good hands. They have a good by committee run game. Their defensive line is really good. Losing ragnow really hurts w their interior. We are lucky young is out bc the thing he excels at is the thing that Sewell is still struggling w outside inside shoulder pass rush. Their LB’s suck. Wentz isn’t as mobile as he was once but apparently he is easy to rattle. I’d imagine it’s gonna be a shootout, 42-31. If we rattle Wentz then it could be worse for them but right now this moment we don’t know what Wentz we are gonna face….colts Wentz or pre-knee injury eagles Wentz. Last week he looked closer to PIE Wentz…albeit against the jags. It’s a must win for the lions.

I have a really really weird feeling we lose. Like their d juat stymies our offense enough we lose by 2 scores.

Id be more than happy to be wrong.


Wentz is going to have a big day if they don’t get a lot of pressure and a few early turnovers.Lions are getting to much love this week and I just don’t trust this D to stop anyone. Washington 31 Lions 28.

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I have tried all off-season, preseason and the 1st game to embrace that we can be relevant this year. I saw way to much SOL last week against Philly (missed tackles, bad QB play, crappy defense, bad coaching). We are still SOL. Lions lose big this week 31-10

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