What’s the Lions biggest remaining need?

I ran across this article talking about each teams biggest remaining need. I was a little surprised what they thought was the Lions biggest remaining need.

So I wanted to ask the board.

What is the Lions biggest remaining need and who’s out there that you think we should target?

Here’s the article.

An owner…


I was surprised at their biggest need selection as well.
For next season, yes, but biggest need between now and start of the season has to be a defensive lineman.

My initial response was going to be ‘playoff wins’ :weary:


My first thought was head coach.


I think it’s gotta be a DE that can give us 8+ sacks.



A coach

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DC, maybe


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WR is a sore spot. We have a good WR starting trio. The back-ups don’t scare anyone. I think the boss knows he can tag Golladay. Jones will probably re-up with a modest raise, he’s been fragile so we can watch how he manages this season. Amendola was a number three so no skin lost there. That was my biggest fear for them after the second guard was selected instead of a receiver. I think Cephus is a beast but can he get open in the NFL. If he can and he fills the number three, we only need to worry about getting someone next year. Quinn pulled off some magic with Jones, perhaps, he can do it again.

For anybody that doesn’t feel like wading through the article, Bleacher Report thinks the Lions biggest need is WR.

You’re welcome.


Were you surprised because you felt like the only one clamoring for some help there, or were you surprised because you thought it was another position?

Personally, I want a wrecking-ball DT to be added to the rotation, but when you look at the WR position group as a whole, I see the same weaknesses you’ve been talking about all draft. Golladay is still a developing WR but there really isn’t a #1 WR on the roster. We have a number of players. We’re going to be “OK” going into the season, but, really, you want a true #1 WR out there that we lack.

Pass rusher - I’m not convinced our 3rd round pick coming off a broken leg is any sort of answer

LB’s that can cover - We had a chance to get potentially one of the best ever…and we passed. I’m not convince a FA on the wrong side of 30 is going to make a huge impact.

If you can’t get pressure on the QB and your LB’s can’t cover, you are going to be giving up long drive after long drive. Your defense gets slowly eaten up.

My redraft (assuming just a 3rd round pick for trading down):

Round 1 Pick 6 Isaiah Simmons
Round 2 Pick 3 D’Andre Swift
Round 3 Pick 3 Terrell Lewis
Round 3 Pick 7 Neville Gallimore

A punter that can kick the snot out of the ball, on the road in the freezing cold.

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DT for me. I am not yet convinced that the the current DTs are up to the job, I know you can’t fix everything at once and I got no problem with the draft and off-season acquisitions. But I do think you gotta have that stud DT that creates interior pressure so the QB can’t step up to throw or evade the DEs. They might be okay at run-stuffing, but I think they are somewhat short of both quality starters and depth there.

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My assessment is:

  1. It’s fairly easy to get a decent receiver in free agency and in the draft
  2. And ultimately, WR is a concern, but not the major need right now IMO

IMO the major need is getting pressure on opposing QB’s whether it is pressure up the middle or pressure from the outside, either one could be improved.


Both actually.

I figured DT was our biggest need.

I also felt this draft was the perfect time to grab a top shelf WR.

LBer or DT for me

Wins… biggest missing piece is wins