What’s the wr depth chart now?

I fully expect the lions to draft a WR in the top 4 rounds.

Assuming that happens:

  1. St brown
  2. Jamo
  3. Marvin Jones
  4. Kalif
  5. Rookie
  6. Josh Reynolds?

I think Cephus is in trouble… Reynolds could be on the bubble too.

Kennedy is likely practice squad again


Josh should be the 3 IMO. Well depending on the rookie I suppose.


A good Marvin Jones is much better than Josh Reynolds but I don’t know if he’s lost too much. The rookie will make it unless he is terrible in camp. They can only keep 6 wrs on the active depending on what happens at TE and RB.

Kalif is more valuable all around the then Reynolds too…

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It’s pretty simple…

Williams the Y
Jones the X
St. brown Slot

I think Reynolds will backup Y and x

Raymond the backup slot
And Cephus at the X


I dont expect a wr to be drafted unless its a 5th rd or later guy to compete for last spot or sit on practice squad. Basically a kennedy competitor.

Cephus gone. 100%

St. Brown and Jamo
Khalif and Marvin
Rookie and Reynolds

Elite WR room

Marvin perfect replacement for Chark, can still get vertical and a reliable vet in the clutch when we need to move the chains.

Rookie= Tillman, Mingo, or Charlie Jones — all our backup WR are FA next year

Trinity and Kennedy PS


To me the top two will be St Brown and Jamo. After that I would bet there is a heavy rotation. Kalif, Jones, and Reynolds all bring different traits and I bet they all play within 10% of the snaps to each other. Jones snap count may go a little higher because I think he is the likely injury replacement if one of the top two get hurt.

I also think we add a rookie to the mix as well. I don’t think it will be in round 1, but definitely an option on day 2.


They just re-signed JRey. He’s a steady piece. He has chemistry with Goff. He’s not going anywhere.
Cephus only hope is the Practice Squad, if there’s room. You can only keep so many vets, and he’s going to be hard pressed to bump Mr. Reliable (Kennedy).
Sadly, Cephus’ NFL career is likely over. You just can’t count on him staying healthy.
It’s a shame because he really is good, just not available enough.
Just remembered that we also have Alexander on the practice squad, too. He shows a lot of promise as a return man.

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I’m not sure some watch, Marvin doesn’t separate much is more of contested catch guy and Goff doesn’t throw to either. On top of how long it takes for Goff to get on same page. This is not a great match he will be great for Jamo and the rookie. But I doubt he’s much help at WR at least for a while.

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I wish we could give Kennedy jamo’s size and speed. That kid has done nothing but work his ass off and make plays when given the chance. Unfortunately he wasn’t born with the right tool kit.


At least Marvin is veteran depth in case we get as banged up as we did last season. I trust him to come in and make some plays more than some kid off the street or practice squad. Ben can always scheme him open.

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Goff looking at the current WR’s, with Monty and Swift and a dominating O-line.

Not even a bald fella like @BigNatty can ruin this hair flip.

National Football League GIF by Red Bull

I just don’t get what everyone is seeing in Cephus. I don’t think him not making the team is bad or anything because I think we have 5 receivers better than him.

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Cephus has shown flashes of genuine talent, his issue is that he simply can’t stay healthy. If he can have a full offseason, camp and preseason healthy then he can potentially be a useful role player, but the competition is going to be a lot stiffer this year than it has been previously in his career.


“Cephus has shown flashes keep him. Swift has gotta go on the other hand”

I don’t understand what everyone else is watching either


2021 we began the year with 7 WR
2022 we began with 5.

I think the depth chart screams 5 again in 2023.

The depth chart also suggests we’ll add an RB this year. If you’re looking for return ability to pair with 'Lif (like with Jackson last year) that’s where you gotta look, IMO.

We could have 6 WRs if you’re only keeping 8 OL or 2 TEs.

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8 o lineman is all you need now that Glasgow is back

Don’t laugh, that took about 4 takes!

Our fanbase is over hyping the Jones signing. He’ll make minimal impact on the field. Hes not who he once was.

Has Goff ever played with a contested catch WR? Seriously he hasn’t…so we don’t know if he’s comfortable with it.

Time will tell…but this is the type of WR I wanted us to bring in. He doesn’t keep us from taking another one and is going to be valuable on and off the field. I am more than satisfied with this addition.