What’s Your Day 2 Top 3?

Obviously if we don’t trade down, one person out of everyone’s top 3 is guaranteed to be there. Mine is

  1. Joey Porter
  2. Adetomiwa Adebawore
  3. Brian Branch
  1. Porter
  2. Adebawore
  3. Benton

Levis- too much upside to pass on. Low risk high reward
Mayer- do everything TE. High character
Joey Porter Jr- Best remaining CB


J Porter
Cody Mauch
(Love Hooker, Tuli Tua and I could be talked into Levis this late.)

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Branch, Ocyrus, Hyatt/Tillman

Then DB time!

34- Ocyrus Torrence RG
48- Quan Martin DB/NB
55- Darious Rush CB

3t - AA, Benton, white

Te - Washington, leporta, musgrave

Ol - Mauch schmidt avila

Db - porter branch

Not top 3 but a good list


I have to believe there’s something on Porter that isn’t general knowledge, because high ranking CB’s just don’t slip like that. :thinking: Otherwise, he’s #1 on my list


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Torrance, Benton, Mauch,


1 Keion White
2 Keion White
3 Keion White

GOOD ADD. I was having a brain fart thinking of DE’s…but also…bc we are naming players…that means 100% they are off the lions board now. :joy:


Lol so definitely shouldn’t mention the DE’s name from LSU out loud then

Mauch is interesting this high and I’m a fan.

I’d be perfectly fine with Torrence or Benton.

I personally don’t see the Steelers passing on Joey Porter. Cardinals would make a lot of sense for Mayer as well.

I think we draft Adebawore or Benton.


Well thus far your theory that all 6 DE’s stay on the roster is intact…I think we do as well. I am bullish on Dexter from Florida as well. Lions paid florida as a whole a lot of attention. Torrance, Dexter…i would love to see him in Detroit.

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  1. Porter
  2. Benton
  3. Avila

Dexter is a guy i don’t have a good read on. Seems to have the talent but value and opinions have been all over the place.

While I like Torrence, I didn’t think he was the best fit for how Ben Johnson used his guards so I didn’t think we would be very interested.

I do think he is the best true guard in the draft though and him and Penei could be an amazing tandem in the run game.

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Unless they go Branch. Their fanbase is pretty torn. Branch is slightly more of a need (and very good) while Porter is a legacy at another position of need. I think it’s about 50/50.

Ocyrus Torrence
Brian Branch
Joey Porter.

But I really like Adebawore and Benton.

I suspect we will add at least one trench guy in round two.

Don’t be shocked if all 3 of our second rounders are on offense.

OL, WR, TE and QB are all possibilities


Flat out…they LOVE Torrance. Some thought he could have been the pick at 18. It just depends on how their board falls and who they prioritize. But who knows. Maybe they don’t take Torrance…but all the chatter is they love him…take it for whatever that means…bc up till 8 pm tonight they didn’t value LB’s and had concerns about RB’s early… :joy:


That would be very disappointing for me. We really need to come out of the draft with another DT that can play a meaningful role this year.

I really feel like the QB talk for us may have been overblown. I could see a Jarren Hall, Haener, or DTR in the 5th. TE, WR, and IOL wouldn’t surprise me though.

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All of this…

They like their defense…They need DT…they like Benton…we all know that…I like Dexter…but that’s me…

I would bet ADE and Benton are the short list…

God…if they took Levis…I don’t know how I would feel about that one…