What’s your expectation for James Houston

No joking around but I think this guy is a 100 sack guy!!! I’ve never seen a defensive player for the Lions with such explosion!! Super hyped !!!


Agreed. That closing speed he showed against Fields in the flat was animal-like. I see him improving immensely with this coaching staff and with some upgrades at DT, CB, and ILB.


That hit he put on Fields where he just shot up and got him was insane. Different level ability there. I swear he and Jamo has some elite skill sets.


I think the fact that they were using him on first down/not obvious passing downs shows how much he has improved in the last few weeks. The third sack where they ask him to drop into coverage and then he goes after Fields like a missile shows his growth and the trust he is building.

An above average penetrating DT and we could have a seriously deep D line next year if we avoid major injuries


Well… he is 8% there after only 6 games… and 110 snaps!

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So you’re saying he’ll get to 100 sacks by game 76 of his career? I’m good with that :sunglasses:


Chaos and being the Problem for years to come.
He is a beast.
If you haven’t seen his interview from yesterday, watch it. It’s very good.
He knows what they have going on with that Dline.
Yesterday, all 3 rookies had sacks. Two had multiples. One had .5 and his third interception.
If all 3 had been ready to go at the beginning of the year we’d probably have 3 more wins and next week we’d be playing a meaningless game in January for a reason we haven’t seen before!
Regardless of whether we make the playoffs or not. Notice has been served. Detroit won’t be an easy win for the next few years.


That play when he shot out of a cannon was amazing. Rare ability


He set that up with a certain pace, then closed those last 5 yards with another gear.

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He’ll make Charles Harris expendable and help us save some money.


The guy is a 6th round rookie so there is definitely some concern that this could be a flash in the pan

My eyes tell me that isn’t the case because the skills he is showing on the field are special, these aren’t fluke sacks. The kid played over 50% of the snaps for the first time all season and finished with 3 sacks and a FF. We keep comparing him to guys like Dumervil and Mathis, but maybe that’s his floor? He is literally on the best run for a pass rusher in NFL history for a rookie. Hell how many times in NFL history has a player put up 8 sacks In a span of less than 120 snaps? My guess is less than 5 times.

I would say his upside is unknown at this point. Hell we are all hoping he can be Von Miller, but who’s to say he can’t be even better than that? Sounds crazy on the surface since Miller was one of the best pass rushers of his generation and a future HOFer, but what if it’s not. Miller put up 11.5 sacks as a rookie on almost 900 snaps. Houston has 8 sacks in 13% of those amount of snaps.


He’s very Dwight freeny esc. He’s a bit undersized but so explosive it really doesn’t matter. He’s a perfect compliment to paschal. Houston gets the reps against passing teams. Paschal gets them vs running teams. I can’t wait to see Houston against bakhtiari. I hope the lions hammer Rodgers early, often and all game. Make him consider retirement.


Rodgers is going to regret mouthing off, this time.
Hutch, Houston, Commish, ROK, and Pascal are going to make his last game miserable.
Go ahead, dumbass. Poke the Lion.


Being a huge Florida Gator fan, watched him a lot. He flashed some of this while there, but his transition is somewhat shocking.

Lost track of him when he transferred to Jackson State. But credit to Deion and staff there, they did something right to help him take a leap.

We got a steal. No way he woulda lasted to round 6 if still at Florida. He woulda had more pub than he did at JS. Nice job Holmes!


Would you mind sharing your thoughts on Anthony Richardson? As a Gator fan that likely saw every one of his snaps I’m curious what your take is.


The biggest concern with a guy who is undersized is play strength. Can he hold up against teams that run right at him with his stature? Considering he bull dozed Braxton Jones, who has 4” and 70 pounds on Houston, right into Fields to get the sack I would say play strength is probably not going to be as issue.

As a FYI, PFF has Jones ranked as the #15 tackle in the game even after yesterday. Impressive stuff.


Houston now has a 89.5 PFF grade, which if he had enough snaps to quality would rank him as the 6th best edge defender in the NFL.


A good kid, played hs football locally in Gainesville, really rooting for him to do well. He has tremendous athletic ability, can read defenses.

I don’t think a good fit for the Lions. Why? Mainly because we have other pressing needs to address at top 2 rounds, not AR, or any other QB. He also got dinged up numerous times at UF, a concern. He will go early.

The comparisons to Josh Allen are spot on IMO. Same traits, and will take 2+ years to adjust to NFL.

With Goff on hand, i would rather take a 4th+ rounder on a QB. AR would be a great pick for a more qb needy team, like the saints, bucs, or panthers.


He’s already destroyed my expectations for him, in 6 six games!
I think we found our Robert Mathis. And that’s my expectations of him going forward.


So we have hutchinson the guy going for the football equivalent of a triple double every game making splash plays, houston getting sacks on 7% of his career snaps, paschal pushing the pocket and setting the edge, kerbey being an eraser on the back end showing a knack at causing turnovers with interceptions and ff (had a great pass breakup yesterday), and rodrigo just consistently putting his nose in on the play doing the dirty work…

5 guys, from 1 draft making key contributions to a team that is 8-8 going into the last week of the season with a chance for the playoffs… if these dudes can continue to develop, with the guys drafted last year (barnes, iffy, McNeil, jacobs) and we add some resources in free agency/draft my god am i loving brad.

Hopefully these guys prove that they have more to give and can develop into a real unit, cause to watch these young guys make plays so early in their careers is unlike anything i have ever seen from lion defensive draft picks.