What’s your favorite Lions podcast?

I enjoy Locked on Lions but the content is a little redundant and half the show is hawking merch

Detroit Lions Podcast can get annoying. Those guys revert to jabber too much for my liking

I haven’t explored any of the others

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I enjoy the pride of Detroit’s various podcasts but can be a bit fanboyish at times

I also enjoy Nick Baumgardner’s pragmatism and humour on the one of these years podcasts.


I actually like Twentyman’s just due to the fact he always has someone on, from superstar to unknown coach.

Problem is that it’s sporadic; no schedule to it so it just kind of “pops up” here and there.

I do also enjoy listening to Jon and TJ give each other shit all the time on Unnecessary Roughness. Nice thing about that one is it’s never long. You can swoop in, spend a half hour and swoop out.

Although admittedly I enjoy TJ far, far more than I enjoy Jon (unless he gets on a super caveman football player rant, those are fun), and am disappointed that TJ is still very much around the team and facility and they decided not to continue Talkin’ with TJ.

Those were outstanding.



Yes please, list them here. Legally, of course.


Agree, I like Twentyman’s when he talks to the coaches.


Woodward Sports has become my #1 as of late, when they talk Lions or Red Wings only. I don’t pay attention to them on Pistons or Tigers.


I love the St Brown Bros on 33rd team but my favorite is still

Dose of Dion 2.0

Dion breaks down film better than anyone ive seen that isnt a coach. Yeah he is probably on Adderall (meth 2.0) but he actually speaks his own opinions. Not just the narrative.


Forgot this one. It’s excellent. Love listening to those two banter back and forth. And they have the occasional guest.

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Dungeon of Doom, baby.

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I want more Sandman!!!

Michael Grey I do like as well. Chris and Jeff are not my cup of tea.

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Is Ben Raven a pen name or is it real? Quite the name!

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My favorite is One of These Years with Nick and Colton. Pride of Detroit keeps things moving though I normally don’t learn as much new from them as I do from Detroit Lions Podcasts. Sometimes the pace of DLP drags a bit though.

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Oh yeah i forgot to mention that Dion is officially perusing his dream of becoming an NFL scout. Dude has the skill set so i wish him well.

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A lot of time people will shorten or change their names to be simpler. Rabinowitz maybe? Wild guess.

When it comes to koolaid smashing, Dion is on at least 4 gallons per day. We sign a 3rd string long snapper and Dion will have that guy going to the hall of fame by the 17 min mark of the video! :wink:

Ravzyzhagen no doubt.

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