What should I do?

I’ll be trapped in Soldier Field on Sunday, because I ■■■■■■ up and raised an Eagles fan. And this was his stupid Christmas request.

Anyway, I’m guessing I’ll get zero cell phone service, so any ideas on staying tuned in to Lions-Jets?


First of all you’re a very good father and you did the right thing! And the eagles are a good team to root for.

I have no suggestions besides refreshing a Google search of NFL scores… but someone here will know.

Have fun at the game!!! Are you staying in Chicago for the night?

I have food recommendations if you’re gonna be there for a day or two!


Looks like Soldier Field might have wifi. Just did a quick google search and it conflicts on whether there is a charge or not. Might be worth looking in to.


WiFi: FREE In-Stadium WiFi is available. Log onto the “Bears Free WiFi” network on your device to access in-stadium.

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Personally, while I prefer the aesthetics of ESPN’s play by play and box score, the servers get taxed during games and are slow to update. CBS Sports play by play and box score usually update better without as much lag time.


While the Eagles are on their way to 13-1, I wonder if Fields will survive the onslaught?

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Soldier Field is a storied venue with an eye to the future. A Boingo partner since 2005, the stadium saw
the importance of wireless connectivity for fan engagement and operations even before the release of
the iPhone. To stay at the forefront of innovation and technology, Soldier Field relies on Boingo’s neutral
host cellular distributed antenna systems (iDAS and oDAS) and Wi-Fi networks. Always one step ahead,
the stadium is one of the first NFL venues to launch 5G. Boingo partnered with Verizon to design and
deploy a 5G Ultra-Wideband network. This monumental rollout provides the blazing fast speeds and low
latency required to power next-generation fan experiences and complements existing Boingo LTE, Wi-Fi
and Passpoint services.

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Tape the game
The scoreboard will tell you what’s happening
Be fully engaged in the game for your boy
But pretend to be a Bears fan for a few hours so he can taunt you when the Bears lose :grinning:


Ring Of Fire No GIF by Outside TV


I guess faking a medical episode just prior to kickoff is out of the question?


You better be draped in Honolulu blue @Nate

There hasn’t been a better Sunday to wear that stuff in an opposing stadium in a long time.


Oh, the Hutch jersey is coming out. That’s for damn sure.


I get the whole “good father” et al., but to miss a playoff elimination game (Leos/Jets) is a sad statement from our founder and Godfather.

Okay, I’ll get in the boat…

There’s little chance I’ll be watching the Bears/Eagles game. I’ve told him that.

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Awesome. I don’t think you will get too much grief since the Bears are playing the Eagles, but then again, you will be wearing a coat over the Hutch jersey, right?

Juat get youtube tv and watch the game :grin:

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There is a stream service that is free. Am I allowed to share it? I use it every week.

Watch the Jumbotron. Let your kid watch the field.


At least PM me the link. NFL Network is really pissing me off.
When they don’t black the game out, they cut off the last two minutes in an effort to force you to upgrade to premium.



Scary language stuff: if the NFL happens upon this forum, remember that you own your post content here. Moderating it is basically to protect you from yourself.


I don’t know……watching the Bears get destroyed wouldn’t be the worst thing? Lol.

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