What should the Falcons do for Quarterback?

Trade 2 first rounders for Hooker. :laughing:

I live there and it’s horrible, then again so is the traffic in the majority of metropolitan cities. Last three weeks I have been in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta and Tampa and all of them suck traffic wise.

Atlanta has windows where it isn’t horrible which is more than I can say for Miami and Tampa(I4/275 interchange is always horrible). The new toll lanes in Orlando have made it better but coming from Lakeland the I4 traffic nearing and thru the Disney area sucks.

I’m moving to Marietta in a couple weeks. Hopefully it’s just for a year or two as I do not want to live there forever. Also lived in Delray and worked all over south Florida. The traffic is awful but you get used to it.

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Depends where you have to go from Marietta.
If work is in Marietta then all is good, lots to do near there and the mtns are fairly close for great smokies trips. If you have to go to dtown ATL every day, depending on the time, well god bless and good luck.

Work in Marietta…it’s the only reason I agreed to it :joy:

I’d probably go after either Bo Nix or create a trade package for Fields.

OL, OL, & more OL… Let the Mustard back do his thing, Bring in cousins and put a rook behind him.

That list is pretty sexy. It’s a good year to need a QB. I just don’t see a can’t miss prospect like everyone hopes for when they’re picking 1st overall. I like a lot of what the younger Tua brother brings, surprised to see him ranked so low. He does need to develop pocket awareness, he takes just awful sacks.

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I agree about getting more OL which is a philosophy I like regardless of team, but if Atlanta had competent QB play they win that division. Of course better playcalling like give it to Bijan more would’ve helped them too, but their QB’s lost them the division.

Baker had a pretty good season. I think the Falcons were at a big disadvantage at the most important position.