What should the Tigers do about Struggling starter Kenta Maeda?

Yea, not.

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Maybe…time will tell…*laughs in Maeda Harvy voice…*and not drafting Langford or signing JD voice.

Im very happy with Clark and McGonigle and don’t regret that at all.

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Wow, can’t stop laughing! There should be some kind of award…

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Hinch was asked before the game if he expected Kenta Maeda to make his next start, which would be Sunday against the Dodgers right before the All-Star break. “Coming off a start, it’s hard,” Hinch said. “You asked the question right after the game and nothing formal has happened. And it’s the next series. It’s not a question we have to deal with until the next series. So, the short answer is yes. The long answer is, we have time to consider how it’s going to be.”

… Right-hander Matt Manning, pitching for Triple-A Toledo, endured a labor-intensive 4.2 innings in Omaha on Tuesday. He threw 95 pitches, gave up six hits, three homers, three walks and three runs with four strikeouts.

Langford is hitting about .260, with 5 homeruns. I know some people are chomping at the bit, wanting to point to Langford as an example that Harris screwed up, but it’s far too early for that. Langford has done nothing (yet) to prove Harris made a mistake.

I think Clark and Langford will both end up being stars in the league. Then you add in McGonigle, who is already an elite hitting prospect (and someone we were only able to draft becsuse we saved money by drafting Clark) and this is a clear win for Harris.

I’d go as far to say that this past draft was one of the best drafts in Tigers history.

Thank you Scott Harris

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Agree 100%
And I’m not saying Langford won’t be, isn’t, a good player but I’m not criticizing Harris for taking Clark which then got us McGonigle. Both players are looking good, very good.

And yes, I loved the 2023 draft.

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McGonigle had another 3 hits last night. His average is creeping close to .340

I was trying to think of another prospect in our system to have an average this high, this late in the season… and I can’t think of a single one. Ever.

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The one guy I wanted to see was Briceno, catcher for Lakeland, guy was hot to begin the season in Lakeland then got injured.
Has been out for 8weeks iirc.


Montero’s had two good starts in a row. Guessing he’s not going anywhere.


I’m sure that Montero will hit some serious rough patches once teams get more film on him.

He has been really good though, and I can see why he was ranked so high in our system.

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Well, Tigers had been using a bullpen day in lieu of a regular starter, recently for Flaherty.

Monteror/Maeda ??

Maeda has to be willing to go down to Toledo and I would be surprised if he agrees to it, however, he did admit he isn’t helping the team.
Will be interesting to see what they do going forward, tbh best thing is to send Maeda down or give him his release if he says no.

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Maeda has been removed from the starting rotation for the foreseeable future, and will be used out of the bully.

Per AJ Hinch via the Tigers broadcast.

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Short of cutting him, that’s about all they can do.


2 years 24 mill to throw mop up duty in blowouts. Had to be done though. And even if you dfa him… he still gets the full contract.

My Jays just put Kiermaier on waivers, similar situation. Terrible contract, hoping someone picks it up which they probably won’t.

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Well, the one positive I’m clinging too is the Tigers success in developing pitchers or fixing pitchers ie Lorenzen and Flaherty. Hoping they can do something for him while in the pen.


Whit Mwrrifield just got cut. Bad day for abive average 2017 players


He was a Tiger killer.