What should we expect to see from Bevell that we didn't see from him under Patricia?

With Bevell able to work free of MP what changes do you expect to see? And what changes are you hoping to see.

Looking at past offenses he’s run they were usually run first offense so I’m not sure what changes to expect. But looking to his time in GB, MIN and SEA his passing game was explosive and aggressive. I am hoping to see him open up the playbook more.

I think you’ll see more up tempo on offense. Not Arizona style for entire game type tempo but definitely some no huddle let’s go stuff a couple times each half.
Defense is where I really want to see what we do. We’ll find out how much input the DC really had or didn’t

I think were going to see a lot more 12 personnel with Hunter Bryant being called up and Hall being released … Hunter is superior to James in the receiving dept.

We are bigger …With Cepheus, Bryant , Hock , Marvin , Golladay …single back sets with Swift to do some slashing … I expect more pre snap motion out of this current group

Winning would be a nice change :thinking:


A win!!!

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Yup. MP never beat the Bears.

We seen it tonight, the team didn’t quit and played hard for him. The team we seen tonight isn’t the same team we saw against the panthers.

They were actually fun to watch. It’s too bad Soldier Field wasn’t full of fans. The booing at the end of the game would have been epic.