What they're saying about the Lions after the Week 13 win

Not my words

It’s not a leap. He’s a bright guy. He spent years by the side of Sean Payton. Sean gushes about his offensive mind. He’s the one that identified and empowered Ben. He has a plan. If you don’t believe in Dan offensive acumen that’s fine. Personally I think it’s very clear that Dan knows a ton about offense.

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It’s been reported that Dan very much has his fingerprints on the underlying architecture of the offense. And then his the aggression, passion and toughness that he imparts on the offense is crucial as well.

I do think Ben is a good offensive coach. But I also think some of his stuff has been adjusted to and we’re still waiting on his counter. I do hope/think it’s coming.

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I think Ben is a good OC , we were dominating the start of The Ain’ts game–two scores in seven minutes. my thought is Ben was thinking “Oh they only get 21 points per game–we’ll get more so let off.” at this point-when your fighting for it all , when you get a big lead —you keep stepping on their neck the entire game and you don’t guess and don’t feel sorry , and you don’t let up !!! this is a game of WHO wants it more----you make a statement and whip @$$—put up 35-40 …then let up on the Saints. You can’t get by trying to get cute and making ‘gadget plays’ when they work -your great—when they don’t , your an ass . IF these guys CAN play like that scoring at will and showing off let them have fun !

I can identify a great golfer. It doesn’t mean I can hit the ball 320 yards when I’m asked to hit the ball. There is absolutely zero evidence that DC is a great offensive mind. Sean Payton paid him a very nice complement and it doesn’t mean nothing, but in actual practice, he never put Dan in charge of his offense or play calling when he could have. Same as every other place DC has been. That is not me saying DC sucks. I love him and fully accept that we have a Leader of Men as HC. I’m just not going to crown him for something he just is not doing and only did do for a very brief time before choosing someone else to do it. Then using that as some sort of proof that the guy who actually is and has been doing it really doesn’t matter that much.

You really think that’s analogous to what we are talking about. Dan is a professional football coach with a background on offense. In fact he cut his teeth coaching the same positon that Ben did.

This isn’t true. There is evidence you just choose to ignore it. I’m addition to testimonials from people of greater expertise ;than you and I (I’ve also hear Colinsworth and Spielman both compliment his offensive acumen) we also have the period for which he called offensive plays in 2021. We opened the season with the fugazi 33 point output bc of the 16 points in. Over the next 7 games the offense averaged 14 points. Once Dan took control that jumped to 22 points per game. That was with awful weapons. When Ben had a situation most similar was during the stretch of 2022 when our skill positions were badly injured (N.E. through GB at home). During that period we averaged 12 points per game.

So yes, there clearly is evidence.

Being a leader of men and having a strong acumen on one side of the ball are not mutually exclusive. Vrabel is both a fine defensive mind and a leader of men.

I did no such thing. But deep down you know that.

Dan knows all the Xs and Os and all the schemes on both sides of the ball. He’s been playing and coaching this game for decades. You hear it when he slips out of coach speak and into the technical side of the game, he’s totally fluent and knows his shit backwards and forwards. He could step in next year and be the OC and be successful. I have no doubt. Again, especially with Goff running the show. We’re going to be fine whether Ben stays or goes.

I can hit it 260 now and then. Dan called plays for I guess 7 games bc Lynn was sucking with Goff. He improved it, then handed it off again and I agree with that decision. I really like Dan and I really like Ben. I simply believe that MORE of the offensive design and nearly all of the playcalling that has us rated very highly is Ben’s doing. Is Dan “involved,” of course he is. I just question how replaceable Ben is. I don’t think it will be trading out Duce for Montgomery. That is ultimately why I wanted a more aggressive approach.

Honestly we agree on most things football. I don’t think Dan’s an offensive moron and you don’t think Ben Johnson is trash. Where our bubbles are on “how much” is slightly different which is totally cool. Sorry for the back and forth and snark man. I hope they just back up the Brink’s truck again and Johnson just stays put for the ride for awhile and we can continue to wonder who’s bubble is more on the level!

You’re one of my faves. Always will be. Didn’t think you were snarky in the least.

And I do agree that we’re probably in reality not that far off. I think Ben’s great. I just think he’s in a little bit of a rut and that there are levers we can pull to further juice the offense. But for the time being we aren’t pulling them.

Totally agree. I’ll call balls and strikes with Johnson for sure. His lack of using Jamo is absolutely criminal. I don’t care if the guy totally forgot how to catch a football there are ways like the TD play to get it in his hands and he just hasn’t. Where is the “only 4.3 guys allowed” formation with Raymond/Gibbs/Jamo? But he does a ton of good things in the run game and pass game. Let’s keep the band together and keep our Oline healthy.


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