What to do early

Team needs were not significantly narrowed by free agency around here. Some holes were filled but objectively there are several more needs to fill.

On offense we are missing an OG, or two. The rest of the offense is set with maybe a Consideration for an OT projected that Decker will be seeking LT money. There is also a consideration that three starting WR contracts ending. Lastly, they have to decide if Scarbrough and Johnson are enough at RB going forward. Some question about

Defensively, they need a CB, a DT and an edge player.

Ideally, we get Young or Okudah. That fills one need. If Young is gone, we trade down and have three picks in the top 35. I’m assuming we are able to fill some spots in our lineup with those three picks.
Assuming for one minute we get
5-18 or 5-26 from Miami, or
9-20 from Jacksonville, or
12-19 from Las Vegas
We will have one of these sets of picks and 035 out the gate. I envision an Okudah, Kinlaw, Austin Jackson trio knocking out CB, DT and OT. Or a more modest Simmons, Fulton(Henderson) Blacklock trio. Either way we knock out three right away, giving us the flexibility to fill holes the rest of the way with guys like Eason QB, Mims WR, Bredeson OG, Akers(Dillon) RB. I just think the top five picks we have are going to fill some of the holes we have very well. Say we miss on all the OT’s early but we can swing at Cleveland and Niang in the second or third. I am just thinking there are some pro ready versatile players in the third and we pick twice there.