What to make of the Lions silence in free agency?

Do you think they’re working on making a big move?

Do you think they’re saving their money?

Do you think all of their targets got signed and they’re reevaluating the board?

What’s your take on our lack of action with our perceived good amount of money?

I think Brad is scared to make a big mistake with a high-$ contract. Or no one wants to come here.

My personal take is I think they’re trying to make a move. Probably at WR. But that Kirk contract just threw a huge wrench into the whole thing.

I think Allen Robinson wants a lot more than he did this morning, and we aren’t willing to pay it, and we’re trying to get him to come back to earth.


At this point in the rebuild we should only be looking for young players and a lot of those don’t hit the market.

Why sign Allen Robinson, when we are ready to compete he will just be a strain on the cap.

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Man I’m so sick of the word rebuild. How many years are you willing to suck again? You sign guys like Allen Robinson because you are trying to win football games. It can’t always be two years down the road. If they aren’t winning football games next season the odds say they never will. I get needing time to influx talent but you don’t do that by being silent in FA.


My bad for the double post I just wanted to add I think Holmes and Campbell are just being patient and weighing their options. They’ve obviously let guys know they are interested and are going to handle these guys like professionals. I imagine they are gaining some players respect right now. Well I hope at least.

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I think it’s more calculated than that. The player has to make sense. The right fit, attitude and price. I also wonder if he doesn’t want to lose compensatory draft picks. Having that extra 3rd round pick would really help.

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Free agency for this year affects comp picks for the 2023 draft, and we don’t have anybody that can give us a 3rd right now.

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Which signings have the Lions missed out on? Most have been gross overpayments that I’d want the Lions to be no part of or players who were never going to sign here.

Somebody called it a “disgrace”. How does that make a lick of sense? What is a disgrace? Missing out on Kirk? Please, do tell.


But signing free agents just to get us to 8-8 is what the lions have done for decades. I’d rather them continue to build the roster this year and then go for it next year. The best way is to use free agency to finish your team, not build it.


You also don’t win games by outbidding 31 other teams and signing guys to ridiculous and expensive long term deals - creating even more dead cap space in the process. Fans are just impatient. You can in fact build a solid foundation acquiring draft picks, developing those picks, finding hidden gem UDFA’s, and signing cheap, prove it players. It may get frustrating in the short term, but in the long term it creates a strong core, opens up (formerly dead) cap space, and allows you to attack free agency to finish the product and compete for titles. Y’all need a beer to relax. The same fans being impatient will be whining about how we overpaid for an Allen Robinson @ 5x90 (when that’s what he demanded).

Give me a GM that understands this and sticks to it, like Steve Yzerman is doing with the Wings. Not the one who feels heat from the fanbase and makes unnecessary acquisitions to appease them in the short term.


I don’t think they lose a player this year that gets them a 3rd though. Harris maybe? Flowers doesn’t count.

I wasn’t sure how that worked. I didn’t know if it was this year or next because the picks haven’t been awarded yet.

Haven’t done anything since 1957 but the problem is we’re impatient. Got it.


Yes, not seeing a championship quality product on the field for what…70 years? The pinnacle of impatient.


Great minds think alike.

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So why is there no word on Harris?

Exactly! Especially with the roster still a ways off.

We have been killing it today.