What was your most 'Lion's esque' moment EVER!?!?

Weird topic but, responding to another post this came to mind and is super fitting given how the season has gone…

When I say ‘Lion’s’ moment I mean one that actually involves the Lions.

What is yours?

Again, here’s mine from a different post in response to Lions/Bears highest scoring 4th qtr ever in 2007. A game I attended.

"I think we finished with 7 that year? I went to 2 of the games. Other one was home vs TB in October where CJ scored his lone rushing TD for his career…

I was so amped for 2008 that I splurged on season tickets!!!


Then I did it again for 2009 thinking Stafford and Schwartz, buckle up!!! (Even though I wanted Curry!)

And again 2 of the next 3 seasons even though I lived in middle TN… I think the 1 year I didn’t have them was 2011!!!

…I quit!"

“Lion-esque,” to me, is fun. I have really strong, positive, emotional anchors to this team. Reminds me of sharing love with people, celebrating days off, after working my ass off, Thanksgiving, being raised a poor kid, and being able to share something I love (lions games) with people I love…taking peopel that couldn’t afford it to the games.

My most Lion-esque moment was a year that I didn’t have tix, was between projects. woke up, feeling amazing, had sex w/my beautiful girlfriend, sat down in my office w/a cup of coffee, got on craigslist, and saw an ad that said “free tix. just want someone to have fun, and I can’t go.” I called them, told my girl to put on one of her Lions Jerseys, and we got in the car on an amazing fall day, felt the warm sun on our shoulders and marveled at the trees that were changing colors on our hour and 15 minute drive. Lions whipped ass, we drove home, and I remember the song “Forever Young” by Jay-Z came on. Was so present in the moment, and so grateful for her, the day, the game, the earth, and the fact that I got to be me…in MY life…in THIS country…and realizing that all of my problems are just “problems,” and that I have a damn good life. A perfect life that no other person could live the way I am living it, through the lens that I see it. Perfection.

Lots of other Lion-esque moments too.

Lions are somthing I identify with, and share with loved ones every week. Something I share with you guys, to a lesser extent. What are you focused on? Does your happiness hinge on some guys that you don’t even know winning a football game? Focus on love…FEEL love…BE happier than you’ve ever been. It’s so much easier than people think.

Every Lions game, I watch with friends that I love. We celebrate our friendship, have great food, laugh, hug each other, and look forward to the next Sunday, no matter what.


Well said Natty!

I think I am falling more into your camp. I remember watching this team and get so mad I would throw stuff around the house. Use to make my ex and daughters look at me like I was crazy.

Well I got divorced, found a wonderful new gal and realized I am raising two amazing girls in this crazy world.

This has been a crazy year for me; lost my gma who was my most favorite person, lost my best friend to a tragic accident but two weeks after his death my gal gave birth to my son!

I still watch the games and love this team, but at the end of the day I realize its just a game and here for entertainment purposes. I now spend Sundays holding my son and not getting workup like I use to.

Life is tough and I have really changed the way I view things and put my time into what really matters to me…my family.

Maybe I am finally Lionized but I will follow this team to the end and will run around topless at the parade if we ever win it all!


Awesome share, my brother. Thank you for the honesty. Sending lots of great energy to your family, past and present!


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Yeah the new gal adoptes the Lions as her team without hesitation (no idea what shes in for). My oldesr daughter is a Bengals fan, only because she played on the Bengals in flag football and her uncle bought her a jersey. My youngest is a Bucs fan, but adopted them because they were my friend who passed aways team!

Like I said…amazing kids!

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Perfect, little traitors :wink:

Good stuff, brother!

That time 2 backup QB’s and a backup RB saved a GM’s ass, and didn’t even win.


Then. The fucking alarm went off! Damn Mondays…I


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LOL - back in those days - absolutely!

Now, I work damn near as much on weekends as I do weekdays, the only reasons I don’t is because other people are off on Sat/Sun. I LOVE what I do , now.

I have had a lot of lion moments. My favorite lion memory would be 2011 going to the Lions Vikings game in Detroit. Two of my cousins and I took my dad and two of his brothers (their dads), It was everyone’s first in person lions game. It was a crazy fun experience for us cousins watching our dads experience for the game live. One of my uncle’s tried picking a fight with a Viking fan…cooler heads prevailed…essentially everyone else in the group :joy::innocent:. It was my first Detroit based pro sporting event…never been in a stadium that loud in a pro lion venue. It was a crazy game I remember, one where we needed a Avril sack/fumble on Joe Webb to ensure the win.

2014 and 2016 were fun…every game till the playoffs was enjoyable and exciting…

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I used to sing in rock bands in bars for many, many years.

At one gig, we were setting up. A big, heavy guitar case was up on a P.A. speaker, so kind of elevated. Our drummer’s diminutive (first) wife was trying to help, and she started pulling the guitar case off the speaker, kind of above her head. Not realizing how heavy it was, it kind of swung backwards as it came down – just as I was walking by.

She caught me square in the nuts.I stoop down, she turns around to see what’s happened – and the guitar case then clocks me in the face, bloodying my nose.

That was probably my most Lionesque life moment.


hilarious, man

I can totally see that happening. I haven’t had anything that bad happen, but, I’ve played a few gigs with smashed, throbbing fingers from the 2×15 Cerwin Vega cabs or the 18 Peavey sub cabs.