What we aren’t seeing or hearing could be telling….?

Schobert, M Brown, M Rudolph and others will be batted around in here for the next 2 weeks….

We are nervous about Paschal and Romeo and Jacobs and Levi’s injuries right?

Hard Knocks is awesome, but it’s off-putting at the same time…

We don’t know much they expect Cominsky to play inside. He’s a freak athlete at 6’5” 286 with elite burst and solid strength. 9.4 RAS guy- a guy who can play big end or rush DT…

We don’t know if Bryant’s preseason terror will allow him to make the team, but I saw a guy with 4.5 sacks in 47% snap share. I would expect he could be more efficient and still get 4-5 sacks but in 35% snaps this year.

We keep hearing about Barnes improving and the love affair with Rodrigo, but shouldn’t we expect AA to be the same or better? More talent around him, more comfort in the system? So if AA isn’t a starter after being our best LB last year, that means our room has gotten a fair amount better…

Despite a bad back and a year out of football, Levi O had a similar PFF grade to Nick Williams last year. He also had similar production in “300 less snaps!” If he’s on the field week 1– he’s likely healthier and in better shape than last year. He or six deuce will be better than 21’ Williams was!

Harris was starting a CB last year and Okudah missed the whole year…. We will be fine without either, but if one or both is much improved from what we started most weeks- GREAT!


We brought in J Jackson showing me we have no fear crowding a room. Jackson is a very proven RB2-3 behind an awful OL…. He will make the team easily.

If we didn’t bring in Schobert or Brown it’s because we likely feel AA or Board, or Levi/Buggs are already those guys.

These are guys who were low 40s and 50s grade guys on bad teams last year.

If DC and Glenn see Levi and M Rod starting week 1- and being better than the recently cut vets that could explain the lack of activity.

Alex Anzalone as a starting LB makes both Glen and Campbell somewhat less genuine to me. I haven’t seen where he has earn a start. Certainly not based on his performance last year, and I haven’t heard or read a lot about what he has done in camp. Barnes was a better LB last year, if he can lose his starting job to a rookie based on what happen in training camp why is Anzalone devoid from losing his position? I believe it is his relationship with Glen and Campbell and not merit, as they both so claim will be the case. I believe Barnes would be better served on another team where he will truly have an opportunity to be a starting LB. If I can see that relationship favor, what are the other LB ‘s in the room thinking? Just my thoughts.

Who is saying that AA can’t lose his starting job in training camp? Appears to me the coaches are doing what they can to give DB and MR as much opportunity to earn it as anyone in camp.


We’re obviously deciding not to put too heavy of recourses into LBer. Personally I think that’s a mistake. A stud LBer changes a defense completely.


I believe MR, I don’t believe AA has earned it in camp, base on what?

When you’re talking about the signal caller of the defense, there is a MASSIVE component of intellectual understanding and knowing what you see. The green dot on a rook is something you will almost never see.
Even if those guys could outplay him by a mile…it’s a combination of production and ability to call defensive formations/convey what comes in from the sidelines.


You tell me, you are the one saying you don’t believe it, what do you base that on? Where has AA fallen short in practice? What has he done that demotes him?


Campbell has given him HIGH praise in the past.

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Understand and it isn’t saying that AA is the be all, he isn’t, but Cap is making an argument he can’t back up. His only proof is that Barnes hasn’t displaced him yet, or appears that is the foundation for his argument. I think there may be evidence of bias as well, lol, and nothing wrong with that.


Cap is all things Barnes :grinning:
Actually heard concern that Barnes wasn’t making the second year jump
He may not last beyond this year, if he makes the 53

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I agree and would have loved to add a stud linebacker. Given the amount of needs this team had I also can’t knock them for putting resources into other positions that desperately needed an influx of talent. From what they’ve shown so far the linebackers aren’t going to get a huge amount of snaps in this defense. Maybe they pick up a free agent next year. Even a guy the caliber of Bobby Wagner as a free agent doesn’t break the bank. Linebacker is like running back these days. It’s just not a valued position anymore.


What more do you want!? We added a former 1st rounder, he’s so talented that he was still on the field with 40 seconds left in a preseason game where the starters didn’t play at all.

Happy National Football League GIF by Detroit Lions




I wasn’t an Analzone fan until I saw how he improved without Turd Collins playing. I would start the year with Alex as the green dot and play it by ear as we get around the bye week before making any big changes.


Lol poor Jarrad…

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We need to get used to the idea that Holmes/Campbell believe in building through the draft. Not spending huge money on guys other teams have refused to pay huge money.
We’re about to be out of cap hell.


Yup. :wink:
SO true. #LongTermBuild

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Barnes is a 6th round pick, if memory serves me correctly. Technically, he’s supposed to be ST and depth …IF he even makes the roster.

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Exactly right. We will upgrade from him most likely. Right now, he’s likely the only one that can wear the green dot.


Well, he’s the most trusted with the green dot, right now.
I suspect Rodrigo will be wearing it by the end of the season.

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