Whats our chaances over the next 4 games

i really think the eagles are beatable–along with the vikings and the packer–i don’t think we’ll have a chance against the chiefs—your thoughts ???give me some hope

I’m about where you are, except the Lions have GOT to play better football if they hope to beat anybody.

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Personally, I think the Lions only beat MIN over the next 4. If they can exploit an injured team in Philly then I will be on board with anything. If they lose, I don’t expect any win in the next 4, but everything about this season has been wrong so far, so who knows.

I think we will go 2-0-2 over the next 4 games


Everything about every season is always wrongly correct.
Err …

Seriously, anything is possible
Why can’t they go in and beat the Eagles
Biggest obstacle is it’s a road game
Otherwise the odds would be similar to the charger game

They will need to silence the crowd a bit
Score early would help
Then stuff a couple home team O drives

A bounce here or there …
And the undefeated season continues!!

You know what, if this team can clean up 80% of the stupid penalties, we can hang with and beat the best in the league.

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who are the refs? it’s very ref dependent.

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Its hard to predict things in a few weeks so lets just talk Eagles.

ATL defense looked really good, swarming everywhere, great in coverage. Wentz threw picks but still put up points in the second half.

Lions defense does not look as good as either Atlanta looked against eagles nor as good as Eagles defense looked against Atlanta.

The eagles offense looked very shaky and Wentz took huge hits in the first half. He left the game and eagles offense looked much more in control with Josh Mccown. Second half though Eagles offense came alive.

Special teams Eagles didnt have a penalty on every play.

After watching a very shaky Wentz in the first half I was feeling ok about the game. After the second half, in my opinion, the eagles are better than the lions in all 3 areas, offense, defense, special teams.

In Philly its a big win for the Eagles. Lions haven’t shown the skill, heart or precision to win a big game on the road. Its much more likely lions have 10+ penalties than a win.

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yeah–we do shoot our selves in the foot an awful lot

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No argument from me, the Lions have GOT to play better football in all 3 phases of the game or they ain’t going to win many games. But I think they will, the question is when. Wonder if we get Jarrad Davis back this week, I wouldn’t be surprised.

[quote=“edmunder, post:9, topic:1372”]…Lions haven’t shown the skill, heart or precision…

Haven’t shown the heart? Were we watching the same game on Sunday?

The Lions have been making too many penalties. The Oline was better last week. Special teams is horrible with the penalties though.
But give the Lions some credit.
Everybody says they were lucky that the Chargers got a TD called back twice because of penalties. To be clear it could have only been one score.
But the defense had been stout most of the game and I like to think they forced forced those penalties. Then they forced a fumble and recovered it.
Like Slay, they made the plays when it counted.
I’m not ready to hand any of those teams a win until we play them.
Our division rivals are still going to be our toughest opponents.
Yes, we have to play better.

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Nicely reasoned post
Sure hope you’re wrong
No doubt they’re working on cleaning up the penalties
Big swings in performance are possible in September

With exception of KC and NE, I totally agree

We saw a nice leap in trust between Bevel and Stafford after one game
That’s actually a huge start on moving things in the right direction
I think we also saw improvement in pass pro
Incremental change …
I hope they can quickly clean up special teams + reduce penalties
That’d be nice to see
Last year we saw the team develop over the course of the season
No reason to doubt it’ll happen again
I really believe in Patricia & Co
They will get the most out of the talent they have
Everyone’s sloppy in September

Loss vs Eagles.
Loss vs KC
Loss vs Green Bay.
I can’t cal the Vikings game yet.

Regarding Eagles Game…

We have to clean up penalties, if we are going to win this one. The penalties have come largely from the OL/TEs. IMO, this is the unit that requires the most continuity, in terms of functioning as a unit. They have to gel and get used to playing with each other. Look at the shifts we’ve had at OL. The unit we started vs KC literally had never played together in a game. Next week, we start a different LT, and use the TEs in a completely different way (both of them). Lots to clear up, and I think most of it will be (penalty-wise).

If the coaches keep the pedal down on both sides of the ball, I think we have a very solid chance of pulling a win, here. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Also, while I am disappointed in DL play so far, I believe they will come around.

Note to coach - Please don’t give Agnew another chance.

For next 3 -
Eagles game is a 50/50
KC is a 15/85 us/them
GB is 80/20 us/them. We will have 15 days to prepare. They’re toast.
MN is a home game. 60/40 Lions. Much more scared for the one than GB game.

Feels like 1-3. If we go 2-2 I will be at half chub. 3-1 and I’ll be at full wood.

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