What's Stafford's window?

Most QB’s like Brady, Brees, Peyton Manning, Montana, Moon, Kelly, etc. all were winning Championships and Superbowls. Stafford is probably the only QB in history to play this long with one franchise that hasn’t won anything.

If we keep Stafford and try to build around him, how long does he have? What’s the window?

I think he has 4 to 5 good years left provided he has reasonable health.

I don’t see him as someone who will try to play into his 40s. He seems like a humble guy who will be looking forward to spending time with his girls.


Archie Manning

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Staffords broken back will keep him out of the game for a while and will not get better with time. That’s the result of no Running game and the leagues worst pass protect since he was drafted. No one has take more sacks since his third year. And it’s not even close. Those sacks add up and we wasted his talent like Barry and Calvin. So who’s our next QB?

I think this mostly has to do with the organization as a whole rather than the talent of Stafford himself.
I really like Stafford, I just don’t think he wins anything in Detroit.
I have to say this before I speak on this board, but in my own personal opinion, Stafford was held back the second he took over this franchise as the starting QB.

Building around Stafford should never have been the narrative for any GM. But it always seemed to be the route they always took.
Instead of building an actual football team, with a solid defense and at least a decent run game, this organization has feasted on the idea that Stafford can do it on his own. Just add the pieces he needs and we’re done.
Good example, the year we faced Dallas in the 2014 wild card was the closest team to a contender we’ve seen in a long, long time.
Dominant run D, decent run game, and good group of recievers.
Sadly, things took a turn for the worst when we got screwed by officiating, followed by a poor showing from Sam Martin.
We were set up to play Seattle following that wild card game, who we were built to beat imo.
That was our year. And it was the only year Stafford was provided a competitive football team surrounding him.
I’ve seen no evidence, or any effort to return to that form since.
I really hope I eat crow, but I really don’t think Quinn can do it. I have no faith in him.

The only way Stafford can prolong his career, in my own personal opinion, is to move on from this franchise. Go to a winning organization, or one with at least a winning mindset.
If he does that, I give him at least another 5-6 minimum.

Otherwise, I give him 2-3 years.
Detroit will be his death imo.

Sman7 hits it for me…

Only other narrative I see is of and when MP and Bevell see a draft with the no shit QB they want…

That could drop the time line down a yr or two imho.

Now I do like Bevelll and think he can win us some games. But he makes odd ball calls at the wrong moment like throwing to a 3rd string TE for the win on 4th and 1 at the Raiders 1 yard line last year. That was a strange call.

4-5 years and then it’s tank…err continue down our normal path for Arch Manning. Never mind, who am I kidding he’d probably pull an Eli and force a trade somewhere else.

5 years.