What's the deal with Buggs?

He is the second best dt on the roster. They need him. They want him to be motivated. He wss punished bc he came to camp out of shape and not engaged enough for DC’s liking. Saying the right thing to the camera is only part of it, what he does behind the scenes at practice matters too. More then likeky he is goof nowand thus is water under the bridge.

Fyi this info is coming from rogers and risdon twitter


We sure could us him & Moseley about now

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For a lot of them


■■■■ this staff, is this ■■■■■■■ Patricia running the show.

" It was a good thing the linebackers were cleaning up the run game because Detroit’s defensive interior couldn’t bring down Seattle’s running backs. Both Alim McNeill and Benito Jones posted 100.0 percent missed tackle rates , each failing to record a single tackle in the box score—or a quarterback pressure, for that matter—against the Seahawks. The two combined for three of the team’s 12 missed tackles."


■■■■ this staff? Overeact much? This was Dan’s call 100%. He knows what he is doing.


Nope, no over reaction at all. This isn’t just about Buggs, our numbers for the guys who played sucked. No adjustments, a real arrogant way of playing the game. You can bench a player for showing up for what, what is the recourse when you show up for work as a coach out of shape because that’s just what we got. A staff that was out of shape.



I’ll take that bet

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Am I the only one who read the thread title in a Jerry Seinfeld voice?


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If you are serious I got $100 they don’t


As do I

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Betting isn’t allowed here

The numbers are 1-1 with a victory over last years champs.

…unless we’re going by metrics that suit our own narrative and projecting merely for argument and cortisol hits.


What? No one would do that on an internet message board! That’s ridiculous!


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I think everyone on the board is happy with the 1-1 start. The issue is everyone also expected the defense to at a minimum pick up where it left off at the end of last year. That has not happened, the defense is starting right where it started last year with some issues that shown at the beginning of last year (miscommunication and lack of pressure up front) in addition Glenn has went away from what was working for the most part. It’s concerning right now and only time will tell if he gets it corrected.

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Mark Deleone coached the Inside LBs.

Kelvin Sheppard coached the Outside LBs.

But yet, it appears he was let go.

Wow. :astonished: That’s a whole new level of bad. Must be some kind of record.

Speaking of DT’s, I heard B Breese is off to a pretty good start

Remember, those are the guys who showed up “in shape”. As bad as they were, the LB’s filled in and kept the YPC to like 3.3 or 3.4.

Spot in. This as well as the injuries are the scary parts.