What's the defensive philosophy and what should it be?

Who has strong opinions on what the defensive philosophy should be for this season based on the personnel changes, opponents being played, and coaching mentality?

Last season the defense continued to get better and better despite being down to 3rd, 4th, 5th stringers at several positions. They changed up alignments throughout the season as personnel changed. But what do they want to run?

At a high level, teams usually pick between 4 - 3 and 3 - 4 with a nickel package. a 4 - 3 is the most common with the most beef up front. Ability to drop a LB in favor of a CB to get a bit more speed on the field for passing downs.

3 - 4 Gives you more speed on the field with 4 LBs (2 are really outside pass rushers that can potentially cover TEs and RBs. 3 - 4 is usually more popular but takes stud middle LBs and is susceptible against power running teams like the 49ers and Ravens.

Lions look to be getting a lot of pass rushing DL that can play either inside or outside on the 4 - 3. Idea is that you have bigger guys that play DE on rushing downs. Move them inside and get smaller faster guys on the outside on passing downs.

Then with LB you have guys like Rodriguez that are converted safeties to play cover on passing downs.

DL coached mentioned that they are moving from a read and react DL to a gap shooting attacking front. Seems like the personnel drafted this year and last plays to their strong suit.

Do we expect to see a completely different defense under Anthony Glenn this season? Will it be more similar to what we saw in New Orleans?


they better figure it out ! I thought they had a defensive plan in mind already- wth do I know ?

gonna come down to this far more often…
The change will be more philosophical than strategic…
Force them to react to what we’re doing, instead of the other way around.

As the talent proves it can handle it, more press coverage to knock ppl out of timing routes/hot routes, and create an extra 1/2 second for our front 4 to get home.

It’s a base 4-3, attacking. Expect to see 5 man blitz, a lot.
There will be plenty of 3-4 looks, too.
We have the personnel to match up with any offense.
Back end, too. Nickel, Dime, Man, T2.
When this defense gels, they’re going to be very good.


We should sign Bosa from 49, they have no more money anyway, and they have to solve the situation with Jimmy, Deebo and Bosa.

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They are going to be running primarily 4-2-5……have said so several times.


It’s a multi-front defense still but based more out of a 4 man front. You’ll see 4-3, you’ll see 3-4, you’ll see a 3-3, you’ll see a 4-2, etc.

You’ll see a bunch of different alignments.

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Maximizing skill sets

It’s been discussed multiple times this offseason, but the Lions are making a schematic adjustment on defense, focusing more on attacking up front.

That change was proposed by Glenn following an offseason review of last year’s film, with the intent of maximizing the skill sets of the talent the team has along its defensive line, particularly defensive tackle Alim McNeill.

Typecast as a space-eating nose tackle because of his 6-foot-2, 330-pound build, McNeill is deceptively athletic — which the team has acknowledged — and the hope is the tweaks to the scheme will allow him to showcase those abilities.

“I always go back and watch college and see what they were doing,” Glenn said. “Alim was always in this zero-technique (nose tackle). Once he came here and I started seeing how athletic he was … I want to be able to take advantage of every player, their ability, as much as I can. I want to take advantage of that athleticism that Alim has. I want to showcase that.”


This is a front I’m looking forward to seeing:

In team drills, Hutchinson and Harris flipped sides often, with the rookie also kicking inside into the 3-technique in one-minute drills. In this situation, Hutchinson lined up next to defensive tackle Jashon Cornell, with Harris and Julian Okwara flanking them on the edges.

I think Cornell can make this team. I really liked his tape at OSU. Quick twitch, a little bend to him, versatile build to play inside or at 5t . I also think Julian is a guy we should give some time to. He has that flamethrower burst that is special, he just needs to get it under control a bit more as he does suffer a bit from Kalimbaitis. I know some are thinking he doesn’t fit a 4-3 well, but I think he’s too talented to not make the roster.


GOOD !! I want THE BEST to rise to the top, that does not mean others are worthless but they can go through the entire defense like this and see who stands out as well as which defenders are #2’s/second-best. 3rd-best and so on. then see where they set them all. line them up and then our defense will be tough especially if they work together hard and have the mindset ‘I’m going to kick your ass.’

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From Brockers:

Plus, as he pointed out Thursday, this revamped Lions defense shares some similarities with the front Brockers played in with the Rams.

“A 3-4 kinda feel to you, but it’s more attack than reading and freeing up the linebackers,” Brockers said. “It’s more about everybody has a gap, win your gap and let’s go play some ball. I’m playing more strongside end, 4i, three-tech — stuff like that — so it plays well into what I do.”

This would lend itself to roles for the “former” 3-4 OLB’s that were the Leonard Floyd of that Rams defense. JOk primarily. These EDGE guys will be standing up with the guys up front playing more like Donald than catching guys. These guys like Levi and Cornell, then Hutch/Paschel will be getting after it upfield with stand up 3-4 EDGE guys like JOk and Harris who can help the LB’s in the flats a little if necessary, or can rush from a wider 9t type shade. I think it’s the “Eagle” front concept if I’m not mistaken.

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Multiple places to attack from are very valuable. The Rams definitely have a lot of players that can play multiple spots. It allows them to send 4 players every play out of 6 possible. Offense doesn’t know which 4 are attacking so they have to guess or leave back their TE/RB to maintain numbers. They can also switch up positions so that OL don’t get too comfortable playing the same DL every play.

This works best if you have OLBs that can cover or take MLB assignment duties.

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